Union Democrat staff

Columbia issues

To the Editor:

Thank you for exposing the lies and doublespeak we've been hearing from Columbia Elementary School.

Yes, I agree, John Pendley should resign or be fired. If I were a Columbia Elementary parent I would make every effort to rid the school of all of those on the staff and on the school board who have tried so strenuously to whitewash and hide the truth.

The entire mess has no place in our educational system.

Nepotism, cronyism, and the plain old-fashioned "good ole boys" network must go.

Parents, grandparents, or any child advocate must feel a horrible sick revulsion about this affair. And the sad truth is that some women also seem to be willing participants in this "good ole boys" club.

For shame. All of You!

Mollie Taylor


Asserting right

to free speech

To the Editor:

In response to letters (Sept. 9) written by Doddridge and Flores about the statue on Phoenix Lake Road.

It's the owner's First Amendment right to put it up, and also their duty under the same amendment. They don't agree with where Obama is taking the country, so they are expressing themselves in a legal way. If you don't like the message, drive a different way.

I believe that it's proper for someone to express themselves (it is on private property after all).

Obama is black, so the statue is black. So what?

TJ Phelan



cancer story

To the Editor:

I wish to add to the admonitions of Bill Dunlavy with regard to early signs of endometrial cancer (Bateman column: Sept. 9). Just before my 60th birthday, eight years ago, I mentioned some spotting during my annual visit to the gynecologist. It was so minimal I felt a little silly mentioning it. But I did. A month later I was recovering comfortably from a "full spay," as my office-worker friends referred to the procedure.

I have since retired and moved to Tuolumne County where I am very happy to be alive. My aunt died of tumors from undiagnosed endometrial cancer two decades ago.

I look forward to Mr. Bateman's Friday column and to reading the Union Democrat everyday it is published.

Frances Jane Webb


Calaveras and nicotine patches

To the Editor:

I find it a travesty that Calaveras County can spend money to help people quit smoking but they had to layoff so many people. Why should we spend time to help people quit smoking. Oh yeah, sure they got a grant, but it takes man power to address the people in the office and the time to show them how to wear the patch. And I bet that nine times out of 10 that the people who try the patch will end up still smoking anyway. So money wasted.

There is so much this county needs to do to help this county thrive. Libraries need more hours, courts need help, fire departments need new engines and deputies need new cars. I was embarrassed to see the car that one deputy was forced to drive. So now we spend money to help a person who can and should help himself?

Every year the employees of Calaveras County go through misery wondering if they will be next on the chopping block of layoffs. Well, the county lost one very good deputy because he was laid off and we are going to help people stop smoking. So when does the waste and abuse stop?

Carol Shaw