Derek Rosen

Changing it up

To the Editor:

"Kick the can down the road." Change to: "we'd like to procrastinate, but we keep putting it off."

"They spend money like a drunken sailor." Change to: "They spend money like a congressman."

"We have a spending problem." Change to: "We can't keep our hands in our own pockets."

"The stimulus will get people back to work." Change to: "The same as the last three."

"Green jobs will employ thousands of workers." Change to: "Green jobs will employ a lot of new clerks at the employment office."

From the President: I inherited a bad economy. (I thought inherit meant receiving something without pre-planning).

The stimulus will create thousands of shovel ready jobs. (It wasn't dirt that was being shoveled).

Obamacare will save money and create jobs. (The doctors will be quitting so there will be a lot of job openings).

If congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling and pass the budget, seniors and the military "may" not receive their checks. (The president chooses who gets paid. He was holding these two groups hostage).

Raise taxes on the rich. (The president's millionaire and billionaire friends will be just fine. As reported: GE Jeffery Immelt, a job advisor to the president, plans to create a massive number of jobs and money in China. Wouldn't that make him a China jobs advisor?).

There must be a book in the White House titled "Exemptions And Favors for Millionaires, Billionaires and Donors."

Lenore Swanberg


Spellman recall

To the Editor:

I find it odd that the only reasons the Spellman camp has for not recalling Darren, the District 5 Supervisor, is that he has done nothing illegal and the cost of the recall election.

How much would a special election have cost us if he had been elected to Congress? Even his supporters grudgingly admit that he isn't doing a good job and are disappointed in him.

Darren is nothing but our employee. He doesn't have to do anything illegal to be recalled or "fired." As a business owner, if I had an employee who needed firing because he was rude and abusive to customers, was late for work, didn't attend meetings he was supposed to, called people names like "moron," "psycho" and "old woman," refused to get grants that would help my business, and then four months after I hired him he decided to actively seek another job, I wouldn't wait another 3 1/2 years to fire him.

The recall petition just puts the issue to a vote. Sign the petition if nothing else to send Spellman a message that you are not happy with his performance.

If the election comes to pass you can always choose to hire a different employee or keep Spellman.

From now until the end of his term a mail-in ballot would only cost the district about $10 a day or about a penny a week per voter. Cheap I'm thinking.

Don Urbanus

Valley Springs