Union Democrat staff

Old Wards

Ferry work

To the Editor:

As is par for the course, the county put the cart before the horse again. Those permits for the justice center should have been approved and finalized. Now the residents of the surrounding areas of Old Wards Ferry Road will be inconvenienced an additional month. How dare the county assume that the residents need to tolerate the closure of their road, let alone extend the time for the closure. This is totally an unacceptable force of power. This road is traveled on by hundreds every single day.

The county started out with detour signs. Some permanent, some hanging on tripods. They have been moved, run over and some just disappeared. Without being replaced. People are angry and I guess that's their way of getting back. What they don't realize is that it sends visitors and delivery trucks in the wrong direction. It is a dangerous racetrack. Everyone is in a hurry because it takes longer, not to mention it takes more gas.

I had a doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago. I almost got to Lime Kiln and Highway 108 when the radio announced that it was closed due to a serious accident. I had to turn around, go back down Lime Kilm to Jacobs, to Old Wards Ferry Road, to Tinnin, to Wards Ferry, to Tuolumne Road, to Mono, and finally to Greenley. Needless to say I was late.

Sonora Elementary managed to respect the need for an open road.

Rosemary J. Sweatt


Don't go along

to get along

To the Editor:

Why are you people wasting time writing letters about Ronald Reagan? We can't change anything he did during his presidency. The real question we should be asking is, "Is Obama doing anything to fix any or all of the problems we have in this country right now?"

When will we wake up and see it doesn't matter Republican or Democrat, they don't work for us, they work for a powerful elite group. Our President and Congress are just a bunch of puppets. We need to realize that we are being scammed when it comes to our money system, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation that has no governmental power at all, they are no more Federal than FedEx. They don't even pay taxes to our country, they lend the government money on the backs of me and you. We're slaves. I thought we have the 16th amendment protecting us from slavery. We need to wake up and realize what is really going on and remember all those people who gave their lives to start this country. All the American people are doing is watching mindless TV, eating fast food, and letting everything go down the tubes.

It's time we start taking our country back, it doesn't have to be violent, just stand up and say no, I will not go along to get along.

Jesse McKay