Union Democrat staff

9/11 Anniversary

To the Editor:

As a nation let us not forget the horrible tragedy of the attack on the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

We are on the 10th anniversary of that fateful day.

We all remember how we felt for our fallen Americans. The firemen and policemen who threw caution to the wind to help save lives.

They were our heroes that day and they will always be looked upon with the highest respect.

Collectively, we should mourn and acknowledge the many innocent lives lost.

We should fly American flags to show our affirmation and solidarity. This will help show the world that we are truly a sovereign nation.

Bill Guenza


Phoenix Lake Statue

To the Editor:

I feel I must object to the statue on Phoenix Lake Road. I feel it is a racist "artwork." It is black, has big ears and is holding a slice of watermelon.

I drive by that thing almost everyday, as do many mothers, fathers and kids. How could parents explain to their family?

I would urge the "artist" to sign up for art classes as soon as possible. Maybe his next work would be more acceptable to the community.

Marcy Flores


Racist sign is offensive

To the Editor:

I recently became aware of a racist and, in my opinion, bigoted, sculpture/sign near my neighborhood. One hundred and fifty years ago the slaves were freed, yet we have people among us who are still fearful of anyone who seems different from them. How sad. And to think someone would denigrate and disrespect our duly elected president. It is my wish that the people responsible will find some peace and realize that we are all human beings with strengths, as well as faults, and enlarge their hearts to include all human beings - no matter their race or color. We will all live in a more peaceful world when we so evolve that we can purge the hatred and fear from our hearts.

Diane Doddridge


Columbia School Board

To the Editor:

It's no surprise to find that in the Columbia School Board's letter there is an apology, but no mention of any wrong doing by the people we employ to make good decisions. The crime just "occurred," like a little traffic accident.

What's also missing is any mention of the serious breach of ethics and moral integrity when teachers and counselors ganged up and pretty much blamed the crime on the student in their letters supporting the criminal, who "shows no remorse."

As expected, none of the school bureaucrats, educators and counselors will ever personally claim responsibility, nor will any of them be punished. When referring to responsibility, they use the term "we," but responsibility cannot be delegated. We pay the guy in charge to be responsible.

My response to their letter: All of you are arrogant, elitist, responsibility dodging cowards. Remember these words for a long-time. Be thankful that it wasn't my granddaughter involved in this "occurrence".

R. A. Eller

USMC Retired