Union Democrat staff

Dangers of driving big rigs

and motor homes

To the Editor:

This is in regard to the letter that was posted on Aug. 24 by Lee Mortier about driving in the Mother Lode. I agree with him that there are poor drivers out there, but I disagree about the trucker he complained about.

Drivers have to realize that big rigs cannot stop on a dime and give you a nickel change. My husband and I drive a 40-foot-motor home with a tow. Trucks, buses, motor homes or any big rig are very heavy and cannot stop fast. There are idiots out there who will cut us off, pull out in front of us not looking and maybe that's what Mr. Mortier did.

Mr. Mortier, when entering the highway, pick up your speed. While driving my coach, I had a driver who almost run a stop sign from a side road and I did not apply my brakes as I was not going to jack knife, or swerve into on coming traffic at 55 mph. While driving the motor home here or cross-country, I find that truckers are very helpful, respectful and the first one's that stop at accidents to help people in need.

Ginger D'Onofrio


Theft of the blue chair

To the Editor:

A blue chair for him, a pink chair for me. Very simple chairs - white tubular metal with one-piece canvas backs and seats. Actually fairly comfortable, light-weight and easy for grandparents to carry to sporting events and picnics. Even the youngest grandchild could carry them. After unfolding them and placing them on the grass for us, they would climb up on a lap and settle down to watch the action. The chairs went many places for many years.

On Sunday, I took the blue chair to Columbia. I was meeting a friend who uses a wheelchair. We sat down by the gazebo and had a nice visit. When time came to use the restroom, I pushed her across the way, we were there for five to eight minutes. Starting back, I looked up and saw no chair. The blue chair was gone, missing, it was not there. Obviously, someone had stolen my blue chair, one more incident of the "entitlement mentality," so pervasive these days.

Why did that person take my chair? They did not pay for it, they did not earn it, they just wanted it, so they took it. Reminds me of what happened in England just a few weeks ago.

Pat Loring