Union Democrat staff

Gas pump clips

To the editor:

Blaming the clips on gas pumps for driving away from the pump with the hose still attached to one's car is, in a sad way, hilarious.

Not taking responsibility for one's actions has become an American pastime, but this is way over the top. It's not the clip's fault, it's the driver's fault!

As usual, regulations are now in place to protect us from the lowest common denominator of driver.

People too stupid to remember to rehang the nozzle have made it inconvenient for those of us who wash our windshields, buy a cold drink, or check tire pressures while our gas is pumping.

I never thought I'd see the day you should have to take an intelligence test to pump gas, but that day has apparently come. People who drive away with the hose attached should also be charged for any damage to the pump and should count themselves lucky the state doesn't take away their license under a "Too Dumb to Drive" law.

They walk among us.

Phil Gross


Deserves credit

To the editor:

A trillion dollar deficit was inherited by the Obama Administration. It seems no one worried about the deficit being run for the war under the previous administration. What is so bad about increasing the deficit for employment and helping our fellow Americans, now victims of that great deficit used to finance the Iraq war?

The same senators and congressmen who showed no conscience in sacrificing lives, and good American dollars causing the deficit show no responsibility or cooperation in alleviating the problem. What amazes most Americans is their fickleness, accompanied by lack of morality and foresight. They were unable to question the morality of an unjust war, but the morality of fellow Americans who are victims of their debacle are questioned about needing unemployment.

The economy has received some stimulation and jobs have been created, but more are needed. It appears that the "Party of No" has a "Jim Jones mentality," bent on defeating economic recovery or anything that might make the Obama Administration look good.

They can deny that this is the case, but their actions speak louder than their denial.

Our great country was on the verge of a depression when Obama took over, and he deserves credit for the recovery that has taken place.

He needs help from the Congress to continue the economic upswing. He needs compassionate leaders who understand what it means to lose a loved one in an unjust war, who understand the plight of the victims who have no jobs, who have lost homes, who have lost their savings, who at this time are wondering about their next meal.

Tom Besmer


Vote 'em out

To the editor:

On July 14, President Obama's chief economic advisor, Christina Romer, announced that the President's $862 billion "economic stimulus" of February 2009, had "created or saved" between 2.5 and 3.6 million jobs and raised gross domestic product (the U.S.'s annual production of goods and services) by 2.7 percent to 3.2 percent through June 30, 2010.

How absurd!

Official government "employment" figures show about 9.5 percent of our work force idle. Yet, those figures include only those "looking for work."

Jobs are so hard to find in this recession (a recession the Obama administration says is now over) that huge numbers of people have simply quit looking, and are thus not included in the government's unemployment figure.

Likewise, millions of people can only find part-time jobs, but desperately need to work full-time to make it. They also are excluded from the unemployment figure.

When all these are added together, most knowledgeable observers put the real unemployment figures at closer to 18 percent.

Regarding Ms. Romer's wishful news, the Wall Street Journal quipped "We almost feel sorry for Ms. Romer having to make this argument, given that since February 2009, the U.S. economy has lost 2.35 million jobs."

This administration constantly twists words to make claims which simply aren't so. In reality, the Obama White House and Democratic congress have addled businesses with paralyzing regulatory, tax and economic uncertainty.

Few employers will hire full-time in this kind of environment. The only way to rekindle the private, job-creating economy is to vote the rascals out, and let knowledgeable leaders create an environment in which entrepreneurs will grow their businesses and hire.

George R. Kellerman


Census data

To the editor:

Can someone please tell me?

Earlier this year I received my census questionnaire in the mail and almost immediately filled it out and sent it back as required. Done deal.

Not exactly: A few weeks later I get a second questionnaire, same as the first, which I disposed of, as I'd been there and done that.

A few weeks later, I get a visit from a census worker who informs me I didn't send in the form and that is what she is here to do. Of course I let her know my displeasure about what a waste of taxpayers' money the whole thing is.

After going through the routine, but with some new, additional personal questions that had not been on the mailed form, she promises me no one else will be back, as all is taken care of.

Then, last week, another census worker comes down my driveway again telling me that I haven't filled out and sent in my census form and he is here to get the information.

What is wrong with this picture? How can a program run so far amok? How will we be able to trust the numbers and information that come from this goofy program?

I might have a begrudging understanding of why "they" need to know what our nationality is, but can you give me any reason why I should be asked if I own my home? Or, if I have a mortgage on the home and if it is paid off?

What sort of prying, corrupt administration do we have in place right now?

Ron W. Ringen


Big talk on change

To the editor:

Remembering the old travelin' salesman - big talk on cure-all elixirs.

Obama is big talk on change. He's printed trillions of dollars to bail out corrupt mortgages and banks. Which, by the way, is not helping anyone.

They're still losing their homes and jobs. Stanford students complain about Israel, telling our military to stop helping that country.

We've always helped Israel, because we are a Christian nation and Israel belongs to God. Read Old Testament people. Read King James for the truth.

Many of those college students making a ruckus are Muslims, 80 percent of their tuition is paid by grants that our taxes fund. Did American-born students get turned down?

Some Muslims believe if they commit suicide and take a lot of people out with them, they will go to heaven. My Bible says thou shalt not kill. It also says we are to stand with our own lives to protect America.

If someone threatens your family or homes, you fight back. Israel fights to protect its land, established in a covenant between God and Abraham. That's their land.

Environmentalists should make housing-tract developers leave some trees, or at least protect the 100-year-old beautiful shade tree. Make them part of a small sitting park. Save electricity, sit on your porch and drink lemonade. Our ancestors did not have air conditioning.

Trees clean our air and protect the earth from sun. People take out trees for progress, but our air quality is bad - ozones. We're heatin' up. It's time to let God's trees alone.

Barbara Melchor