Union Democrat staff

BOFG Schools

To the editor:

Former Sonora High School superintendent Mike King is now interim

superintendent of the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District.

This is the same man who in 1989 vehemently opposed the formation of Tioga High School.

As interim superintendent, King's played a pivotal role in:

• Release of several prominent, outspoken teachers at Tioga.

• Refusal to heed the recommendation of a superintendent search

committee that recommended hiring Sandra Bradley, Tioga High's

long-time principal.

• The non-renewal of Ms. Bradley's contract.

• Deletion of essential parts of the high school's curriculum.

• Opposing any dissent made by two of the district's five trustees, Gloria Marler and Michael Malloy.

• Letting word out that he can monitor the e-mail of all district personnel.

Sandra Bradley, the dismissed teachers, and the two dissenting

school board members have played key parts in establishing Tioga as one

of the region's finest high schools.

Take them out of the picture, and the school's walls crumble.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Robert D. Wilson


Robert Wilson is a former Big Oak Flat-Groveland District teacher who still has children at district schools.

Mexico's policies

To the editor:

With all of the discussions going on about the possibility of

racial profiling Latinos here in the USA, I thought it might be of

interest to see what happens in Mexico to U.S. Anglo-Saxon tourists

driving in their country.

For the past 21 years, my wife and I have been driving twice a year

to Mexico where we keep a boat and a trailer 600 miles south of the

border. On our last trip in October, we stood in line at the border at

Tijuana for three hours waiting and paying for a six month tourist visa

- the fun had started.

About every 150 miles along Mexico's Highway 1, there is a

roadblock and military check point. Machine guns and sandbag

emplacements face your car as you wait for the assault rifle-armed

soldiers to very thoroughly check your personal possessions and ask you

many questions. If you are not fluent in Spanish, you cannot understand

those questions, because few of the inspectors speak English.

At the Border between the provinces of North and South Baja,

American and Canadian cars are sent to the Immigration Office, where

tourist visa are checked. Locals are not required to do this.

Once settled in our RV Park, we are subject to immigration

inspections by local officials, based on nothing but our license plates

and our physical appearance.

Mexico needs to take a look at what they do to us before they

complain about what we might do to them. On the other hand, the fishing

down there is great.

James Mori


Border issues

To the editor:

I share the frustration of the Mexican border issues with the

writer of "Mexican Border" (Letter, Kathy Symonds, July 9), however,

I'm disappointed that she believes "all of our kids are a mess."

Our kids are no more "a mess" than we adults. Everybody has issues,

some just have a better grip on life. I hope that the writer of

"Mexican Border" will consider how she can be a positive in the life of

a young person instead of dwelling on "what a mess our kids are."

I understand the phrase in the ending of her letter was to make a

point, but it isn't fair to stereotype our younger generation. We all

need to be willing and to act on being a positive in the life of all of

our young people.

If you give them a chance and get to know them, you'd be amazed at just how intelligent and kind they can be.

Julianna Mattingly

San Andreas

Lost his way

To the editor:

Re: Byron Williams' planned attack on ACLU.

Hopefully we won't see this guy loose for a long time. It's ironic

that one of the few organizations willing to defend the misfits and

other victims of discrimination is the ACLU. It has only one purpose -

to defend the Constitution at any cost. It has suffered because of it,

for sure.

Now they have people that want to kill them for it. This man apparently lost his way a long time ago.

William Bergmann


Support Fiorina

To the editor:

Beth Hatcher's July 22 letter on Carly Fiorina (July 22) was a hatchet job.

But assuming everything said was accurate and not taken out of context, Fiorina is still preferable to Barbara Boxer.

It is the rare person who cannot be torn down by a critical

examination of his or her past. We have to look at the larger picture.

I believe it is imperative that we do what we can to shift

political power away from the self-destructive policies of the left and

the Obama administration in particular.

Greg Davies