Union Democrat staff

Editorial cartoons

To the editor:

I'd rather read a Letter to the Editor that infuriated me than another editorial cartoon. You can do so much better.

The Union Democrat was better in the past.

Ron Fuentes


Fox News

To the editor:

With regard to the letter from Dennis Gomes' July 14 letter.

Isn't Fox News considered an entertainment show rather than a news show? I'm not positive, but this could possibly be the reason its anchors were not included in the paper's online poll.

Fox News typically presents an "opinion" of the news, which is why many of the stories are not factual and highly edited. I could be incorrect.

William E. Freeze


Reinstate the coach

To the editor:

I was shocked to read the decision of the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board (specifically,Trustees Gloria Marler and Mike Malloy) eliminating coach Doug West at Tioga High School.

Before coaching at Sonora High, I coached with Doug for our Tuolumne Typhoon girls' soccer club. This team formed the nucleus of the Sonora High team that won three CIF championships and was ranked No. 3 in the nation.

Doug's contributions to the Typhoon, many of whose members now play scholarship soccer in college, were invaluable. It has been a real pleasure to watch Doug take the Tioga team to levels of success never previously reached by any Tioga sports program.

Doug is a highly qualified soccer coach. He's brought notoriety and success to a soccer program (and a school athletic program) that previously lacked both.

However, putting the success aside, it's Doug's character that will be missed by the athletes and the school. I'm confident that Doug directed a program beyond reproach. I'm equally confident that Doug got the most out of his players, was respected by all, and modeled appropriate behavior at all times. Aren't those the qualities we look for in people to direct our youth?

The success of Doug's program and the leadership qualities he models are something that should be honored and rewarded.

Trustees Marler and Malloy, I'm calling your bluff. You say it's a lack of the $2,000 stipend that caused you to release coach West. I find that hard to believe. So hard in fact that I'll commit to the stipend for the school year 2010-11.

Now there's no excuse: Go out and do the right thing - reinstate the coach.

Buzz Garvin


Campaign reform

To the editor:

We have two candidates in California (Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina) who are buying their election with the millions of dollars they have.

This is wrong and we need campaign financing reform ASAP! People should not be able to "buy" elections.

Carol Keltner


Quality or quantity?

To the editor:

"No, Mom, please don't drive down that road!" "Why, honey, what's wrong?"

Then my daughter explained: "We played in the grass over there, we watched the horses eat and run, we caught grasshoppers, we geocached with Dad, and played in the stream that's now a pipe. Now look what they're doing - tearing nature up and putting another big ugly building and hot cement where nothing lives."

My heart sank. I felt the same nostalgia as my 9-year-old daughter, only I have kept silent as a surrendering assimilated Tuolumne county resident can be.

Gone is the tranquil life we once knew, where local businesses fared well and native land blossomed.

Local businesses care about their employees and their customers, and not merely about corporate interest.

Is this really need, or is it just greed? When and where do we draw the line on giving up our peaceful quaint life style to congestion? Do we wait until there's no room left to expand, such as what is seen in the cities?

If corporate monopolizing continues, a paradox is evident: The money we think we save now by buying at big-box department stores will ultimately be spent on higher costs of living at precious expense of our native land.

We have a choice: quantity or quality?

In 1854 Chief Seattle eloquently stated, "Contaminate your bed and your children will soon suffocate in your own waste; thus the end of living and the beginning of survival."

Patricia Tolhurst