Union Democrat staff

Real heroes

To the editor:

In response to your article (News of Record, July 6) about finding a man in the Basin Creek area: He was rescued by an unselfish team of Search and Rescue and Sheriff's Department personnel who gave up their Fourth of July weekend without hesitation.

These rescues are really our reward for having such people in our community.

Joseph Gavi


Border issues

To the editor:

I share the frustration of the Mexican border issues with the writer of "Mexican Border" (Letter, Kathy Symonds, July 9), however, I'm disappointed that she believes "all of our kids are a mess."

Our kids are no more "a mess" than we adults. Everybody has issues.

Julianna Mattingly

San Andreas

Palin vs. Ayers

To the editor:

I am tired of all of the negative attention given about Sarah Palin speaking in California State University, Stanislaus, by the media and politicians.

This is supposed to be a country of free speech.

It distresses me that there was little said about an avowed communist, Bill Ayers, speaking at Fresno State on April 22. The Weather Underground, Ayers' radical group, set off bombs at the Pentagon, and many other government targets in the early 70's to protest the Vietnam War. A fairly recent photo showed him standing on the American flag.

We won't always agree with what a person says, but we should defend that right.

Why would there be such negativity about Sarah Palin (a strong supporter of our country) speaking at a college, and not about the radical Bill Ayers?

As Samuel Adams said, "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless, minority; keen to set brush fires in people's minds ..."

Polly Wright


Stop moaning

To the editor:

Re SPI reopening.

Really, people, can't we just be happy that things are looking better for once.

Last year we were upset that SPI had closed down and approximately 140 jobs were lost. Now we're complaining about the union being gone.

Well, look at the good side: We will have jobs back - jobs that are so desperately needed when people are moving out of our little town.

I know truckers who work for SPI who never have been part of the union. SPI has been good to them, providing them with good benefits, good pay and good hours.

If not for my husband's job as a trucker, I would be moving out of the town I have called home for more than 20 years.

Stop moaning over it, and just look at the good it will do when people are losing their homes, cars and having to survive off food banks and public assistance. It will give more than a 100 people the chance to get back into the workplace.

And with Lowes coming in and other business, we will be be better off than we were before.

Rickie Fletcher