Union Democrat staff

EIR, traffic count

To the editor:

Please, Erin, don't settle.

I would love to see this suit followed to its conclusion. It seems that you, Ms. Gold, out of your sense of integrity and honesty, refused to certify traffic numbers that you knew were inaccurate. As a result you claim you were mistreated and passed over for a promotion by your superiors.

You are not alone in your stance against the county, as Caltrans supports your position.

Strangely, the Law and Justice Center EIR report was still certified by the county. If you did not certify those numbers, am I to assume that someone else did? If so,who?

Apparently the politicians of Tuolumne County are also concerned. They have now tap danced through the halls of justice and are ready to pay you the sum of $117,500 to shut you up. Of course you will have to resign your current position, drop your lawsuit and agree to never seek employment, in any capacity, with Tuolumne County in the future.

Obviously your sense of honesty, integrity and attention to detail are qualities the political powers in this county do not want in their employees.

I just wish someone would seek my permission before going off and spending $253 million of my tax payer dollars.

In 2000, the population of Tuolumne County was 54,504. In 2009 the population increased to 55,175 - an increase of 671 people over ten years. Not my idea of a population boom.

The counties of Amador and Calaveras have experienced similar growth. Amazingly, in these economic times, all three of these counties have embarked upon the construction of new jail facilities.

Sam Elkins


Successful event

To the editor:

It is my pleasure to report that the first annual fundraiser to benefit the Tuolumne Adult Day Health Care Center, soon to be under the ownership of the newly formed nonprofit, Sierra LifeNet, was a resounding success.

The event, "A Midsummer Night Gathering," featured incredible food, wine, music, home tours, Shakespeare performances and silent and live auctions at the beautiful Immanuel Lodge in Confidence.

The evening was beautiful, and the community support was amazing. Because of the tireless efforts of our fundraising committee, the dedication of the Sierra LifeNet board and the generosity of the many sponsors and guests of the event, ADHC will continue providing crucial services to the frail and vulnerable members of our community.

Additional thanks go out to the Sonora Area Foundation for its matching grant that essentially doubled the value of every contribution from the community. We are eternally grateful to our amazing hosts, Judy and Roger Haughton, for opening up their home and their hearts to help make our fundraiser a truly memorable and meaningful event.

For those who attended the event, we thank you and appreciate you. For those that didn't make it, be sure you don't miss out again next year.

Dr. Bob Uslander


Board Chairman, Sierra LifeNet