Union Democrat staff

Blockade revisited

To the editor:

Re: Jesse McKay's letter of July 2.

Your "facts" regarding Israel's stopping an invading flotilla from breaking the blockade are nonsense. You say Israel "hijacked an aid ship" in international waters. Not true.

Israel stopped a ship whose announced purpose of breaking a legal military blockade of foreign shipments into their country. It was a Turkish ship, not American as you claimed. This ship was filled with terrorists who in their own videos, said they wanted to destroy Israel and were willing to die.

Doesn't sound much like an "aid" ship, does it? In fact, the purported "aid" carried by the Mavi was mostly concrete.

I would point out that millions of dollars in aid from Israel is sent into Gaza. Hamas keeps the aid from the citizens for political gain. Israel has nothing to do with it. In fact, Hamas refused the aid from the Mavi. Your "facts" are completely without substantiation.

The 12 Americans dilettantes that you claim were "kidnapped" were taken from the ship and immediately released by Israel and deported.

Your analogy that Israel "creates" terrorists with all its acts on Palestine is as ridiculous as saying having police creates crime. And, Jesse, a portion of the terrorism coming from south of the border is Hamas (Oops! That is from Palestine, how inconvenient for your facts) and Al Qaeda, along with illegals of other nations.

So yes, let's do secure our borders. But quit distorting the truth about Israel and presenting us with fiction disguised as facts.

Carol Ann Smith

Mi-Wuk Village

Small business concerns

To the editor:

The giant and "cheap" progress that will be growing in Sonora (Wal-Mart and Lowe's) is a slap in the face to the shopkeepers and artisans that have managed to serve our small county all these years on painfully low margins.

But maybe there is an opportunity in all this: Since the support for local charities will be going to places like Arkansas, what if we had a local lottery and bet on which local businesses will fold first?

We could use the proceeds to buy FFA swine or something. Will it be the local grocers, the cabinet makers or the glaziers? I know it sounds kind of cold, but I am sure these people have already heard the message loud and clear.

In the meantime, we can advertise ourselves as a rare American living history museum, where small business contributes to the community wealth.

Brian Ferrell


Protect the environment

To the editor:

Unfortunately, clean energy and climate legislation, although trendy,

aren't taken seriously enough. Please help spread this message, and the

importance of protecting our environment.

Julia Brown


Get us out

To the editor:

Get us out of this stupid war, get the soldiers home to protect us from within.

Get us out of poverty, stop making promises you don't intend to keep and expect us to keep voting for you. You'll break all of us with your war mongering.

The president hasn't delivered on any of his Democratic promises. He's pandered to the Republicans, so it's just same old same old.

Does Obama expect to get re-elected? And, if not him, will it be Sarah Palin - where we'll all need guns?

Evelyn Brewer


Mexican border

To the editor:

Why are we still trying to keep the illegals from crossing the Mexican border?

Why are we spending all of our taxpayers' money on this? Just open the border.

It is against the law for them to cross over illegally. Yet we do nothing about returning them to their own country once they get here.

If you make a law and then disregard it once they cross the border, then why did you make this law in the first place?

We are supposed to protect all borders. Yet our "lawmakers" are now possibly going to give them amnesty. Yeah, that will fix the problem. How many idiots does it take to upload a law? The whole U.S. government.

We are a laughing stock of all countries.

If a child breaks a household rule, do we give them candy? Well, evidently we do. No wonder our kids are all a mess.

Kathy Symonds