Union Democrat staff

Lumber mill jobs

To the editor:

I am thrilled at the re-opening of Sierra Pacific Industries' lumber mill and all the new jobs that will be created (after being eliminated a year ago).

However, I have this question: Will the jobs be union, as I believe they were prior to the closing?

Please understand, I do not have a dog in this fight. I would just like to know the truth. Was the closure about union busting?

Just thought I would ask. As a newspaper, I thought you would like to ask.

I would also like SPI to define "family wage jobs." Is it mom and dad and all the kids are working? Is that family wage?

Don Stowell


Highest bidder

To the editor

I don't begrudge Bill Gates or Warren Buffett their wealth. Or Meg Whitman her billions. My problem is what they do with it. Bill and Warren fund a gigantic foundation, which does really good work. Meg Whitman is trying to buy the governorship.

When candidates for political office float their names and pundits evaluate their chances of winning, what question dominates? It's how much money the candidate has and is willing to spend.

Meg Whitman, for example, spent $81 million on the primary alone - just to persuade people to make her a candidate - and announced her intention to spend $150 million on the November election. Looks like she really wants the job.

Elections are always about money: to pay for 30-second TV ads. You either have the money – or no chance. Because TV ads and their ceaseless repetition - sorry to say but it seems to be true - determine election results.

Almost lost in the discussion: Who are we, the people? Idiots?

I have an idea to simplify the process. Instead of sending millions of dollars to the TV networks, most of them located in the East anyway, why not keep the money in California? Let everyone who wants a public office send a check to the Secretary of State, who by law is charge with administering elections. Then the highest bidder is declared the winner, his or her check gets cashed, and we can do away with all that voting stuff.

Clark Gomez


TV fare

To the editor:

Is anyone besides us unhappy with Comcast TV fare?

We pay more than $47 a month for television, and about all we get is paid programming and movies that have been on so many times that I could practically repeat them word for word.

Also, Comcast has reduced the Channel 7 programming info so small that you can hardly read it. This was apparently done so it could run a movie on Channel 7.

I have complained, but my response was that no changes are planned.

Dolores Kipp


Help in healing

To the editor:

I want to thank every person in the community. The support I have been given has really helped my healing. This tragic wreck was frightening, but an eye-opener as to how fast life can be taken from us.

I am healing. It will be a process. All the prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Be safe.

Thank you.

Megan Jacka


Megan Jacka, 34, was seriously injured in a June 8 auto accident at Highway 108 and Via Este.

Keep it rolling

To the editor:

As one of many bowlers who spent so many happy years bowling at Sonora Family Bowl, I was very saddened the day its doors closed for the last time.

All the leagues, and recreational bowlers, will miss the fun we had there. But the good news is that bowling will go on.

We are all very grateful to Black Oak Lanes for welcoming our Sonora leagues to the casino. It's inevitable that things change. The important thing is that we are still able to enjoy our sport.

Marcie Wells