Union Democrat staff

Legal aliens

To the editor:

Barb Birks' June 29 letter was right on.

Not only do the people whom come to our country cost the USA financial hardship, but the ones that come legally.

My husband and I have a rental property in Fremont. Back in the

late '80s or the early '90s, we rented to an Afghan family that came to

our free country, and I do mean free country.

The husband was 66, collected full Social Security and Medicare,

did not work a day in our free USA. The wife was not recognized by our

government as his wife, because she was his third or fourth spouse and

he was still married to other women. So she collected full welfare for

their five kids.

Red Cross gave them all their beautiful furniture, including TV's

and stereo equipment. He was some important person in his country, his

countrymen would visit him and give him money, witnessed by my husband.

Their teenage daughters would travel to Germany every summer. They had

a sponsor that helped them get all the freebies.

Now think of how many more of these people coming to our wonderful

free country legally and collecting all our free benefits. Ask

yourself, why are our teachers, law enforcement, fire department

personnel getting pink slips?

Ginger D'Onofrio


Blockade falsehoods

To the editor:

Carol Ann Smith (letter, June 23), here are some facts:

Israel hijacked an aid ship flying an American flag in

international waters. Twelve Americans were kidnapped, one was shot in

the head four times and once in the chest. Nine other men were killed

that day. One was a 19-year-old senior in high school. Eight were

fathers, leaving 28 children fatherless.

What do 87 senators and your president, Barack Obama, do? They show

their loyalty to Israel by defending their actions of kidnapping and

killing Americans.

Israel not only stops weapons from entering Gaza, but it stops everyday goods which ensure a better quality of life.

UNICEF reports that 14 percent of Palestinian children are

malnourished. Israel is accused of dropping white phosphorous on

Palestine families, not Hamas. Israel is creating terrorists with all

these acts on Palestine.

If someone was doing those things to your family and everyone around you, what would you do?

Let's call our congressional representatives and tell them to

secure our borders and stop the terrorism coming from south of the

border and to stop sending taxpayers' dollars to Israel and start

fixing America.

Jesse McKay


Stunning accomplishment

To the editor:

I would like to congratulate Larry Cope and his team of

professionals at the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority on

their stunning accomplishment regarding the great news that SPI will be

retooling and reopening the mill in Tuolumne County.

Many public officials use the national economy as the whipping boy

for the plight of their counties in these tough economic times. The

TCEDA has once again proven them wrong.

The addition of some 130 local jobs once again proves that a

well-structured partnership between local government and the private

sector can benefit everyone.

Some months ago, we had (TCEDA Executive Director) Larry Cope speak

to a group of interested business leaders here in Calaveras County. The

most asked question was, "Can we do something like this in our county?"

Larry's response was clear, concise and consistent: "Only if you have

the involvement of county government."

(Calaveras County Supervisor) Merita Callaway referred to the

meeting as a "political stunt" and actually tried to prevent Mr. Cope

from attending our presentation. She continued later by stating that

"government has no role in business development."

Once again, we are witness to government failing the people of

Calaveras County, while enlightened counties, like Tuolumne, move

forward in a positive way.

The people of Tuolumne County should also be thanked for electing

public officials who really serve the public, instead of "ruling" the


I hope the people of Tuolumne County appreciate the great effort

and expense the residents of Calaveras County go to traveling to your

county to spend their money.

Bill McManus


Bill McManus ran unsuccessfully against Merita Callaway for the District 3 Board of Supervisors seat.