Union Democrat staff

Citizen action

To the editor:

Tom Wilson, Sonora wrote (Letters, June 25) that he has installed his own certified meter to check PG&E's. This is the kind of citizen action that will produce results. Congratulations to Mr. Wilson. We should all thank him.

William Bergmann


Bill Mexico

To the editor:

Mexico has now filed suit against Arizona in reference to the passage of their new law. I guess the president of Mexico believes that since the United States has turned a blind eye to the illegal immigration of Mexican citizens that he can make a few more bucks off the hard working U.S. taxpayers instead of trying to solve the problem.

Illegal is illegal. Since he and many of his countrymen don't evidently understand that concept, then I say bill Mexico. Bill Mexico for every service that any of their citizens in this country illegally use. Bill for all the free medical, free housing and subsidies, and free education. Bill for all the free breakfasts and lunches that their illegal citizens' children receive from preschool through high school. Bill for all the costs to incarcerate their citizens who break our laws. Bill them for it all.

Mexico has oil and continues to drill in the Gulf. Freeze their assets and seize their bank accounts and all holdings in the U.S. Bill and impose tariffs and import fees on any Mexican product entering the U.S. I, as well as most Americans, have nothing against anyone coming to our country legally to make a better life. But I, as well as most Americans, will not stand for the continually disrespect of our laws, culture, and values.

Our economy has been brought to its knees by the continual freebies that illegals feel they are entitled to. It's time Mexico and its citizens work together to solve their country's problems instead of blaming the U.S. and burdening our taxpayers.

Barb Birks


Feeling safer

To the editor:

Re: Laura Rudden's June 18 letter on law enforcement.

Laura, perhaps you will be interested to know that on a recent return trip from Baja, my son and I decided to count the number of police cars from the Mexican border to the Tuolumne County line. I will leave it to your imagination as to why we would choose such an undertaking.

Anyway, the results are this: We saw eight police cars on the entire drive. Less than one mile into Tuolumne County we observed two CHP Cruisers with one man and his car pulled over. From the county line to The Junction, we saw seven CHP and/or Tuolumne County sheriff's vehicles.

Do you feel safer knowing this? I know I do.

Sam Elkins


Utility pole signs

To the editor:

Hiedi Fuller, "ahead in the poles"? Have you ever considered the possibility she was too busy studying the law, politics and circumstances of the public, out of care, dignity and respect, that she didn't post the signs? She didn't.

Telephone and PG&E poles, I as a weed-eater, was told to leave alone by businesses. I was told that's the county/states responsibility. I weed-eat those poles on my own time for their business's attraction to increase. It worked. When was the last time those responsible cleaned the fire hazards? Too long. Why bring up something so trivial instead of focusing on what is in need of the most aid, like state income, circumstances and situations?

For the public majority, instead of Pelosi and another face lift, pay attention to your peers. After the election, all Heidi Fuller's signs were removed by those who had hung them. Responsible individuals work to keep our land clean, in all possible ways.

Doug Alleman