Hole in the boat

To the editor:

Have you ever been in a boat with a hole in the bottom. Water comes in and you bail it out to stay afloat. Well, America's boats have holes in the bottom. The people who say, "I've never voted" call themselves Americans. Yet they've turned their backs on us.

Illegals come here and get false ID's and, guess what, they vote. And our own unconcerned, say "I've never voted."

We need our legal born American citizens to stand with us and not turn their backs, eyes and ears. They have no right to complain about anything. We need them to study the candidates and not just accept hearsay.

Vote for God-fearing men or women who believe in our Ten Commandments, our honor, our rights. The Bible says no one cometh unto the father but through his son Jesus and says to ask and pray for all things in Jesus' name. I pray to heal our nation and to protect us.

Vote for people who've served in military, who believe in our sovereignty and our God. Presidents should have served in armed forces. If they've not served they're not qualified - yet we've had several of late who haven't.

Look at America now. In November, we must prepare and study to vote. Let's pray the right candidates get elected. We're overtaxed, losing our freedom and our homes. The very life and freedom are being taken away, the food on your tables.

Maybe we should stop working and buying one month.

Barbara Melchor


Hard times

To the editor:

We are in the midst of very hard times.

Teachers who work very hard to teach our children are getting laid off. Many young people I know are joining the military because opportunities are few and far between and money seems to be something that is not easy to come by.

Considering this, thank God this crisis has not affected Tuolumne County's own law enforcement department. It's hard not to notice the four brand new Ford Expeditions that have recently been added to the many other cars in the lot behind the jail. These fancy new vehicles' prices are very expensive.

I'm sure if I asked there would be a good answer how this was possible.

I wonder, would the answer be the same if asked by a teacher who lost his or her job recently. Or if a child who has recently lost out on their after-school sports program was involved in some sort of hoodlum behavior, would he or she be punished without consideration?

I also imagine that I missed the bake sale that was involved in the fund-raising of these magnificent SUVs and it must have taken a long time, considering that the hospitals physical therapy department has been raising money for a therapy pool for almost a year now.

Maybe I'm just daft and have no place wondering about these things. I'm not sure.

Margaret Weightman


Thanks, road crews

To the editor:

I just drove home to Sonora from Fresno on State Highway J59 and I want to thank the road crew for a wonderfully smooth roadway to drive on. What a pleasure. Great job.

Oh, and by the way, thanks go out to the snow plow operators for keeping our roads clear in the winter.

Tracy Newsom


Law enforcement

To the editor:

Tuolumne County Sheriffs stopped my family at the pay gate to Melones Lake at Reynolds Ferry Road recently. We had just moved our patio boat from the Mark Twain Storage area at the top of the hill. I was appreciative of being informed of the small violations we have on our patio boat. The officer involved – just what kept you laughing through this whole discussion was beyond me. The unprofessionalism shown here was astounding. I work in a professional field and behavior like that would put me in the unemployment line.

It is unfortunate for myself, husband, son, daughter-in law and 1 ½ year old grandson that we were unable to enjoy a day at the lake. Also unfortunate that our vehicle would not start after the officer went to pull over another boater. No assistance from the officer at all in this matter, as we attempted to fix the vehicle. Also while plugging up a lane into the lake for pass holders as ourselves. Thanks to the young man from Vic's towing to tow my family & boat back to the storage unit. I appreciate the rangers and their concern.

Before leaving our storage unit two Sheriffs, one ambulance and two firetrucks lights a blaring rushed by – I was very concerned thinking there has been a drowning. Only to find out from other gentlemen in line that all this activity was due to a barbecue flame. All this time, manpower and the fuel alone – seems like overreacting to me!!

My older son recently traveled from San Diego to Sonora – Pulled over and ticketed just upon arriving. Welcome home son. I travel from Sonora to Mendocino County often and never see the amount of Sheriffs, Police or Highway Patrol that I see once I cross Tuolumne County line. Many believe we do not have enough police protection – THINK AGAIN!!!

Laura Rudden