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To the editor:

This letter is in response to the article about the withdrawal of the head-hunting firm looking for a superintendent for the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District.

It was a poor piece of journalism. I attended the meeting and personally spoke with the representative afterwards. To really know why the firm withdrew, the reporter should have talked with him. They are the only ones that can tell you the truth about why they withdrew.

The truth is that Acting Superintendent Mike King (no relation) requested that the firm do a search for a superintendent-only position. The truth is that the position is only a part-time superintendent position, with the other half being a principal position. This is a difficult position to fill for their firm.

When asked if he had ever done it before, the representative could only recall once when the firm had assisted in filling such a position, which ultimately came from within the district.

His suggestion was to hire the current principal to save money and to stop the divisive decision made by the board. He never mentioned the issue of confidentiality during our conversation.

In my opinion, he didn't want to tarnish his firm's reputation by trying to find a full-time superintendent for a position that never existed.

The most important "who" was left out of this article - the firm's representative. The story did nothing more than paint with broad strokes the intention of an individual involved based on conjecture.

Tim King


(Tim King is a social science teacher at Tioga High School).

Reality check

To the editor:

For all those Obama Zombies who are in need of reality check, allow me: Every person who opposes the passage of the health care legislation is not an inbred, toothless, gun-totin', Bible-huggin', "ignert" redneck.

Most of us recognize, unlike our learned brethren to the left, that the law allows you and/or makes you buy health insurance. Period. It has nothing to do with the quality or availability of health care. Medical care is still only as good as you can afford.

And as for punishing the evil insurance industry - well, hold on to your beanies. The law just handed them 32 million new, paying customers. That's right. Paying customers. That's you.

If you couldn't afford insurance before, now is the time to arrange your household budget, because you are forced to cough up or else. And bankruptcy from medical expenses? Forget it. IRS (new enforcer of health-care insurance) liens cannot be waived off in bankruptcy.

You didn't really think you were getting something for free, did you? Oh, you did. Silly me.

Jeffrey E. Kitchell

San Andreas

Fox News bias

To the editor:

This is in response to C.D. Pesha's April 2 letter.

I wonder who C.D. blamed for all the ills of America before the Obama administration took over. It would appear that some intolerance is at play with in the Tea Party protesters. Who, by the way, are heavily promoted by Fox News.

The view that Obama is responsible for everything wrong in America is clearly propagated by Fox News and the extreme right. Just last week there was a poll about Fox misleading its viewers, and over 90 percent of respondents said they felt that Fox does mislead to fit its own narrative of America. Or at least the Australian version of America.

America cannot compete globally when our employers have to pick up the tab for health care. All other industrial countries have health care for their people.

What's wrong with this picture? My wife was treated for depression over five years ago. As soon as our insurance got the hospital bills, our rate went up over $500 a month to a grand total of $1,600.00 a month. That's the beauty of our current system. Only the truly uninformed can believe that our current system is not horribly broken. Fox: news for dummies.

Tom Tischler