Jenn House, The Union Democrat

Health care vote

To the editor:

Sometimes it seems like Congressman George Radanovich, R-Mariposa, is not quite sure who he really represents. Because if Rep. Radanovich remembered that he represents the people of our community, then he would have voted for health insurance reform in the House of Representatives when it came up for a final vote.

He would have supported anything to make health care less expensive and to keep the insurance companies from denying care and leaving sick people to fend for themselves and go bankrupt.

But instead, it seems like he is really the congressman from the insurance companies, voting to protect their massive profits and bonuses.

Anne Faurote


Fox News

To the editor:

Re: "Obama on Fox News; argues for health care," March 18.


For the Obama Administration and the left-wing progressive media to criticize Fox News as being nothing other than a propaganda program against the Administration and its policies takes the cake for unmitigated gall.

MSNBC, CNN supported by ABC, CBS and the liberal press are nothing but shills for the Obama Administration, as they, hour-after-hour, mouth and project his progressive, socialistic policies and attack Fox News.

Fox News is portrayed by the administration (i.e. Pelosi and Gibbs), along with the liberal media as being un-American for daring to seek the truth and challenging misleading info and shady deals that this Administration and Congress are noted for.

Thank God for Fox News.

C.D. Pesha


Acted on principle

To the editor:

Kudos to Gary Tofanelli.

Regardless of one's position as to the legality of the Trinitas issue, and until it's decided in the courts, let's have our actions decided by principle.

Evidently, Trinitas is, at the very least, in violation of county code. Gary, as a supervisor for the county, is sworn to uphold the established ordinances and codes.

I'm sure this decision was not made lightly, as he has been a respected member of the Board of the county Chamber of Commerce and, in fact, had voted for the developers/owners of Trinitas.

Let's hear it for principle.

Jean Macomber


VA medical care

To the editor:

Frank Smart, in his March 25 letter ("VA claims"), missed the most important point - which is that no benefit claim will be adjudicated correctly if the underlying medical evaluation and treatment is faulty.

I am a recently retired physician and colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, so I am in a good position to judge the Veterans Administration medical care.

Veterans should obtain a complete copy of their VA records immediately when available. They might be surprised by the incorrect information, if not actual lying. VA medical care is poor.

Lastly, Mr. Smart omitted mentioning two relatively new veterans organizations, Veterans of Modern Warfare (VMW) and Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). I urge all eligible veterans to join.

These groups will much more effectively represent the newer veterans' interests than the ones Mr. Smart cited. VMW has a medical committee which is setting up to help veterans.

As for Congressman (George) Radanovich, he is a lame duck and his office does nothing. Do not count on him for help.

Jean E. Howard, MD