Union Democrat staff

Alien concept

To the editor:

Jerome Fueslein's letter slamming American capitalism ("Gullible voters," March 22) was so wrongheaded it makes a point-by-point rebuttal tedious.

On one point he was right, though: Some of the early colonists were enamored of socialism. They even tried it.

They were the Puritans. When they arrived in Massachusetts they decided to own the land in common. All would contribute in working the land and sharing equally in the harvest. After a year or two of dying of starvation, they discarded their utopian fantasy and divided the land among themselves.

Each family was rewarded with the fruits of its own labor. The colony prospered, and the rest is history. The lesson of this experience is one reason why socialism is such an alien concept to most Americans.

Fritz Pettyjohn


Take America back

To the editor:

Obama gets Stupak to vote "yes" on Healtcare, and said he would sign an executive order that federal funding will not pay for abortion. The paper means nothing.

Obama promised he would not take the $500 billion from Medicare. He also said he would not cut payments to doctors. There will be a 21 percent decrease to payments to the doctors.

Lie, lie, lie. Almost everything Obama says is a lie. He did everything and anything to get the votes. Obama has no honor. He is taking $500 billion from Medicare, which is in great trouble as it is. The elderly will suffer from this a geat deal.

How many doctors do you think will still take Medicare? Most of them do not take MediCal, and some will not take Medicare/MediCal. Who is going to pay for all this? California is broke, and it is supposed to pay for all the MediCal patients who will enroll?

How anyone can support Obama and this corrupt adminstration is beyond me. He has taken over the banks, car dealerships and now health care. Al Sharpton said Obama is going for socialism. Already 20 percent of our freedoms have been taken from us in just a year.

If Americans do not wake up and get these dishonest, corrupt people out of office this November, this will not be the America I grew up in. They are living lavish lifestyles, while so many of us can barely get by.

We will take back America in November, and we will not forget how they ignored "We The People."

Patricia DuFur


Selling democracy

To the editor:

I find it depressing, if not sad, that while our young people are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to "sell" democracy to their citizens, the Democrats have just shown what our democracy is really like, i.e. bribes, cocercion and threats to pass a health care bill that the majority of people in this country do not want.

Why should the people in these countries look at us as an example of what they want their country to be?

The past year has made me a lot less proud to be an American

Dolores Kipp


Nation's fall

To the editors:

When the rise and fall of the United States of America is taught by historians 100 years from now (probably in Chinese, Arabic and Farsi), two dates will be significant in the fall of the greatest nation ever to walk this planet.

The Nov. 4, 2008 election, giving the Democrats control of all three branches of the government, and March 22, 2010, the signing into law of Obama Care, mandating that Americans must purchase insurance that they may not want.

These two dates set in motion the desecration of our Constitution. The American dream will be denied with the first steps towards a One World Order beginning.

R.B. Richardson


A family's thanks

To the editor:

The family of Mycheila Rose would like to thank the entire community for its prayers and kind words throughout Mycheila's injury and hospitalization.

A special thank you to people who worked so hard and make it possible for a recovery instead of a tragedy. That would include all rescue personnel from the first responding units, EMTs, Medi Flight team, the doctors on the ER staff and ICU unit at Memorial Hospital in Modesto.

A special appreciation to two local passersby who came upon the accident and remained by Mycheila's side since the other passengers of the vehicle, except for one, had apparently fled the scene. Tucker Jacoby and Mezzy Miles stayed with her until paramedics arrived, and they assisted in any way they were needed.

Our family is grateful that there are still a few caring and upstanding citizens left in society today. We can't thank you all enough. All we can hope for now is a successful recovery for Mycheila and getting her back to where she can enjoy her teen years.

And we would like to see the wheels of justice turn in the criminal matters of this incident, and hope that the guilty person or persons receive a punishment that is fair to the price my daughter is still paying.

Janelle Sanford

Angels Camp