Union Democrat staff

Thanks for display

To the editor:

We have our own Daffodil Hill in Twain Harte.

I would like to commend the special person or persons who took the time and hard work to develop the beautiful floral display on Highway 108, at the east entrance to Twain Harte.

It is easy for us to complain about the careless folk that litter our high country, but I am very impressed when someone cares enough to take positive action to make our trips up and down the grade even more enjoyable.

Thank you, neighbor.

June Alexander

Mi-Wuk Village

Subtle sarcasm

To the editor:

What's wrong with our government?

Doesn't it know we're having some economic difficulties? Just this last year I had to sell my Mercedes, and now my wife and I have only our Hummer and 2-year-old Lexus (with over 30,000 miles on it) to drive. We've had to put off the expansion to our pool, and are down to only one cruise a year. I've already sold one of my country club memberships, cut back the gardener to two days a week and can only afford to eat out on weekends.

Doesn't the government know how expensive it is to keep two kids in Harvard? We've had to start flying coach for our annual European vacation and renting out our Colorado vacation home (of course not during ski season).

And I might have to pay more in taxes because of some health care legislation. For what? To help some blind, 10-year-old kid with leukemia, who I don't even know? Hell, our cleaning lady has a kid who was born with a club foot and I never heard her complain.

If it wasn't for my overseas investments we would barely be getting by. So what is our government thinking?

Allan Bell

Twain Harte

Input invited

On behalf of the Calaveras Planning Coalition (CPC), thanks to everyone who has participated in the General Plan Update, including communities, supervisors, planning staff, consultants and all stakeholders.

The CPC supports Alternative Map B as the best way to reduce the cost of public infrastructure and services, to provide for economic growth, to maintain the integrity of existing communities, to sustain the productivity of working land and to preserve our rural character, prized by residents and tourists alike.

The CPC supports General Plan policies and programs that will promote a diverse, resilient, and sustainable local economy that builds on the county's assets, including labor, natural resources and small business. The CPC supports the integrity of existing communities as the centers of community life and the appropriate location for future investment. The CPC supports economic incentives to maintain the viability of agriculture. The CPC supports the reduction of sprawl.

The CPC does not support Alternative Map A. It represents patterns that have encouraged high-cost, inefficient sprawling development that eats up the open space and working landscapes that make this county rural.

Because no map is perfect for every acre the first time, the CPC encourages people to put their suggestions for improvement to Alternative Map B in writing, and to submit them to the County Planning Department, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249 or gpupdate@co.calaveras.ca.us.

The county will also accept letters of support for the alternative maps at these addresses.

Our job as citizens and stakeholders is to stay focused on providing input. Please get involved and stay involved.

Tom Infusino, facilitator

Calaveras Planning Coalition


Nothing to lose

To the editor:

I have a brother named David. He was born with Down syndrome. I went to court and became his legal conservator for his best interest.

I brought David here in 1986. I placed him with WATCH, who placed him in a work program. For good social and health benefits I placed him in a fitness center. I also placed him with my doctor.

Following a dispute with my doctor, who was also caring for my brother, they decided not to treat him anymore.

David's care is handled through the care home in which he lives, but because he was my brother, they would no longer care for him. I tried to get him another doctor, and not one would accept him because he was on Medi-Cal.

A retired doctor who started practicing again finally took David.

Health Care Reform? I know nothing about it except what's on the news, but I do know this: If it helps the handicapped and poor people get the care they deserve, I am for it.

I will pay a little more, too, because I love David just that much. He had foot surgery and Medi-Cal wouldn't pay for his pain medicine.

Health reform, good or bad, can't t be all that bad, because these people already have nothing to lose.

Teresa Smith


Smart families

To the editor:

This is in response to William E. Freeze's March 19 letter.

First, Mr. Freeze, get your facts straight. My husband spoke with a worker at Wal-mart about its employee benefits. Besides their pay, they get a 401K plus health, dental and vision care.

In my opinion, Wal-mart is not so much for low-income families, as you put it. I feel Wal-mart is for the smart families.

If we want to shop at Macy's or Nordstrom, we do so online or take a nice ride to the big Valley.

What high-end stores are you talking about? Gottschalks? If you recall, it went out of business everywhere, and it had nothing to do with Wal-mart.

To finish this off, Mr. Medium or High-End Income, why are you living in Jamestown and not Ridgewood?

Ginger D'Onofrio