Union Democrat staff

Vietnam Veterans Parade

To the editor:

What if there was a parade and nobody came? My family was so excited about the Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Parade to be held in Sonora on Palm Sunday, March 28.

But as I talked to some of my Vietnam Veterans friends, I sadly discovered that six of the seven I asked are not planning on attending.

The first one said,"it made him mad just to think about it." Three others just began to cry. Two, expressed deep feelings of low self-esteem. Another described returning to San Francisco those many years ago. His welcome home parade included jeering, shouting and references to baby killing. My last friend said, "I'll think about it".

Tuolumne County, we need to be there on Washington Street on Palm Sunday – March 28th. It's the right thing to do.

Paul Fairfield


Good for community

To the editor:

I would like to tell you how good Lowe's would be for our community.

It would give others jobs and people wouldn't have to travel as far to get supplies. I know from experience what it's like to spend all day getting things for a project.

With a new Lowe's, we could get our supplies and start our project in the same day. A Lowe's would be great for our county.

Matt Konklin

Boy Scout Troop No. 570


Joe's welcome

To the editor:

I guess I am one of the "yuk" kind of people who shop at Trader Joe's as referenced in Scot Turner's Feb. 16 letter in The Union Democrat.

As I have been a satisfied Trader Joe's customer for many years, it is likely that I have been spotted shopping there with others of my kind.

Trader Joe's carries a wide variety of products that are not currently available in this area. I find them to be committed to high quality and customer satisfaction. A local store would not only be convenient, but it would also provide jobs and keep sales taxes revenues here.

I, for one, would welcome a Trader Joe's in this area.

Ron Hemsworth


Greatly offended

To the editor:

In response to "Red Alert" (Scot Turner letter, Feb. 12).

We are part of the "Yuk!" people who shop at Trader Joe's. We are greatly offended to be called "Yuk!" We shop at Trader Joe's whenever we can, we enjoy the products they sell. We would love to have the choice to shop at Trader Joe's locally and like the freedom to choose where we want to shop.

The people that shop at Trader Joe's will continue to shop at Trader Joe's. We shop at your American-owned company from Bentonville, Ark., because that is all we have. We probably won't do much grocery shopping at the Supercenter unless we are already there.

We will continue to support the grocery stores we already have.

You say, buy American cars. But tell us, what car is entirely built in America with American parts?

Bill and Carolyn Barnes


Truly mystified

To the editor:

Thank you to the active community members who have voluntarily worked hard for years to develop a growth plan that would honor the wishes of the people who have moved here to live in a peaceful, country setting. You organized and with that were able to acquire grant funds, research and respect from other organizations and agencies, supervisors and planning departments.

Because you have wanted to protect and broadcast the will of the community, I am confused by the negativity of the Feb. 23 meeting at Valley Springs School, in which almost 100 percent of the packed room agreed in negative terms about some people, called "they," who want to raise taxes and make rules about the way people live in Rancho Calaveras.

I'm truly mystified by the fear these people apparently have of being a part of a process that can help them achieve what they want. The group that was heartily and angrily chastised afforded us the opportunity to speak out and be heard. It's an opportunity we may not have taken advantage of individually at supervisors' and planning meetings, where our voice would not have been as strong.

I have found an ironic positive out of the negative I heard at the meeting: A group has worked hard to protect their neighbors. Those neighbors fear the group, because it is organized and using something called a "process" to work within the system. But we all happen to agree on the same goals.

What I have not heard is this: The system will impose change with or without you. I'd rather be with those that are actively working for the positive maintenance of our community.

Karen Motenko-Neal

Valley Springs

Expand Connections

To the editor:

A husband wants to buy his wife a lovely strand of pearls. A proprietor opens up a custom jewelry store where this man can purchase the pearls locally.

Should we complain that he's not buying jewelry at another local department store? The jewelry shop owner is providing the opportunity for him to give his wife a beautiful gift.

If we have the chance to provide for our children the "pearl" of an arts education, why wouldn't we take it? The Summerville High School Board should agree to fulfill the Connections charter and expand the program for the community.

Karin Noble