Union Democrat staff

Population control

To the editor:

In her Jan. 20 letter ("Overpopulation"), J. C. Bernard should have simply stated that he or she advocates the practice of eugenics in the denunciation of "some people," including moms and others exercising their lawful right to protest the practice of abortion.

I happen to know some of "those" people, and have never heard or known any of them to advocate that anyone should "forgo the 2,000 children who die every day from starvation and common diseases." In fact, many of them, myself included, support pregnancy care centers and orphanages, sponsor one or more impoverished children in other countries, and donate to agencies that provide nutritious food and clean water to starving and/or at-risk children, as well as clothing, education and medical care.

I hope Bernard also truly cares enough for children in such desperate conditions to be doing some tangible good him or herself.

I suspect if Bernard were in control of our population, implementation of euthanasia also would be in place, and I already would have kissed my 93-year-old, Alzheimer-afflicted mother goodbye.

J. Richard Arndt


Sonora Parent Nursery

To the editor,

Due to financial concerns by the Sonora Union High School District, the Sonora Parent Nursery School is in jeopardy of being closed because of proposed staffing layoffs.

The school has been a beneficial part of our community for 60 years. This program not only provides a quality toddler and preschool program for the children of our community, but also uniquely provides parents with an opportunity to further their knowledge in early childhood education. These educational opportunities are also open to the public.

To close this program would be a disservice - not only to the current participants, but to the community at large.

We all understand the unfortunate budget crisis and realize that cuts must be made. However, the director and parent educator/teacher at Sonora Parent Nursery School is our only paid employee, with the rest of the school being run by volunteers.

During the past five years, the adult participants of Sonora Parent Nursery School have given an average of 15,433 volunteer hours per year. This is the equivalent of nearly eight full time staff members and costs the district nothing. I believe we should think twice before cutting a program that offers so many benefits to our community at such little financial cost.

The spirit of volunteerism participants of Sonora Parent Nursery School offer, along with the knowledge gained from this program, gives priceless benefits to our community.

This is often carried on to future school boards, site councils, classroom volunteers, youth coaches, scout leaders and other community organizations. I feel we have ultimately strengthened and fortified this community, helping to make this a wonderful place to live and raise our families.

I urge you to please help support this valuable program.

Robyn Scott, board president

Sonora Parent Nursery School


TuCARE minutes

To the Editor:

I have been following the controversy on the land use document committee led by Supervisor Teri Murrison and her association with The American Stewards of Liberty. Instead of jumping to conclusions about the Stewards, I googled them and, to my amazement, TuCARE's Board of Directors' minutes for Nov. 3, 2009, appeared on their Web site. Under reports No. 2, CSERC rebuttal, I read the following:

"Mark Truppner suggested we contact The Union Democrat owners in Oregon and meet with them to discuss the damage that is being done by their paper and the potential loss of revenue if we mount a campaign to stop subscribers from renewing their subscriptions. As Mark pointed out, Randolph Holder is a big supporter of TuCARE and Natural Resource issues, and thus is always willing to promote our agenda. Melinda will follow up on this idea. Letters do need to be sent to respond to the paper's lack of fair reporting and Buckley's assertions about TuCARE, the Summit, Cogdill, and Ebell. Mike encouraged individuals to send letters. We will do some more talking with the newspaper locally. Charlotte had already called the editor."

I find this information unsettling and hope that special interests don't have the power to sway The Union Democrat.

Ellie Owen


Editor's note: Mark Truppner, program manager for KVML news radio, says his comments reflected in the minutes were taken out of context. TuCARE representatives say that the idea of a subscriber boycott was not given serious consideration at this TuCARE board meeting and was never acted upon.