Union Democrat staff

Where's the money?

To the editor:

To all those who think the plan for health care reform, being put forward by the current administration, is a good one, have you asked yourself where the money is coming from to pay for this?

The government? The only ability this government has to make money is the Smithsonian Gift Shop. It takes your money and it takes money from businesses that could otherwise use those dollars to give people jobs.

Did you happen to notice that the Prime Minister of Canada just came to the United States for surgery. Gee, that country's government run health care program must "really be good."

California has a great health plan to cover our uninsured children. Aren't we on the verge of bankruptcy?

These plans all sound so wonderful, but if they destroy this country are they worth it? These aren't choices that should be hastily made.

Linda Bernal


Buying politicians

To the editor:

Pearl Bladek (Letters, Feb. 22) complained that Bert Canepa's Feb. 12 tirade against the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that corporations have free speech rights was out of line.

Unfortunately, she defeated her own argument when she says, "We the People" control the nation. The important term is "We the People" - not We the People, Corporations, Clubs, Churches, Labor Unions, etc!

Corporations are not drafted, they do not exist for the general welfare, they exist only for their own welfare and we the people permit this by law.

They are not citizens, they only have rights as we allow. We the People must rewrite the campaign laws to eliminate their buying more politicians.

William Bergmann


Park guns

To the editor:

Regarding the right to carry a gun in national parks: Well, it is about time. Why should the crooks be the only one to have that right?

Ed Johnson


Wal-Mart supporter

To the editor:

I am one of the not-so-silent majority who cannot wait for the expansion of our local Wal-Mart to come to fruition.

A very vocal minority are trying to prevent this from occurring by voicing doom and gloom and scare tactics. In this economy an additional 85 jobs should be welcomed. The salaries of these 85 additional employees as well as the 325 present employees will be spread throughout the county to all the various other businesses they shop at.

Add to this the thousands of dollars Wal-Mart contributes to many of our local charitable organization and other causes every year, and this can only be a win-win situation for all of us.

Linda Tedrow


An example to all

To the editor:

Re: Bob Cutler.

What treasured memories I have of Bob during my 10 years of service at Sonora Community Hospital. Like some brands of batteries, he just kept going and going. Bob teamed with Lurline Bird in the operation of our Lifeline emergency phone service. He knew the systems backwards and forwards and was a blessing to the countless hundreds who used the service in the Tuolumne County.

He was always sharp, jovial and friendly with all of us. I miss him already from afar. His life was an example to us all. Bless him.

Paul Tharp

Candler, N.C.