Union Democrat staff

Queen Liz

To the editor:

After reading Supervisor Liz Bass' comments regarding her decision to remove Supervisor Teri Murrison from the planning committee, I was reminded of the old saying, "absolute power corrupts absolutely." It didn't take Queen Liz long to pick up the gavel and bring it down hard. What's next? Maybe reverse other board decisions? Block economic progress and coerce county staff to drag their feet on projects that would benefit districts other than hers?

How about her use of "illiterate" and the phrase "so poorly done" when referring to a document that I bet she hasn't even bothered to read and couldn't and wouldn't have the expertise to write?

Her petty tactics, throwing out opinion as if it were fact and attacking those who don't share her social philosophy, proves she doesn't consider the best interests of her constituents (that would be all of Tuolumne County'a citizens, by the way - not just those that can vote for her) when making decisions.

She tries to imply neutrality, but isn't and she has a voting record to prove it.

Queen Liz demeans the citizens of Tuolumne County when she sets out to do what she thinks is "best" for us, as if we are so "illiterate" that we can't make decisions for ourselves.

Queen Liz doesn't deserve a seat on the board. Wake up District 1 - don't wait three more years for her to destroy what is left of family wage jobs and our local economy.

You can end her reign sooner rather than later, and there are lots of constituents from other districts who are willing to help.

Melinda Fleming

executive director,

Tuolumne County Alliance for

Resources and Environment

Twain Harte

Trader Joe's

To the editor:

Red Alert! Inside sources inform me that Trader Joe's is coming to Sonora, and they must be stopped. You see, Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi's, a German private corporation, and all the profits will be taken out of our community and sent overseas. Locally owned businesses will be steamrolled by this Teutonic juggernaut if immediate action isn't taken.

We can save our community only if we can get enough concerned citizens to show up and overwhelm board meetings.

Please don't come in your Prius's, Fits, Yaris's, or Civics, because they're made in non-union plants and the profits go overseas. By supporting General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler (look what a German company almost did to them.) we can assure the continued funding of world banks and the revitalization of Detroit.

Trader Joe's would give local shoppers one more choice, a choice they aren't qualified to make for themselves, and we all know how bad "freedom of choice" is.

Choice brings about "change" which we can't believe in. And change is inherently "evolutionary", and economic Darwinism must be stopped in favor of our intelligent design.

Did you know Aldi's has ruthlessly used anti-competitive practices like better value and lower prices to brutally force a small town American company from Bentonville, Ark., out of German markets? And have you seen the kind of people that shop at Trader Joe's? Yuk!

As Laurie Sylwester might say, "This must stop and it must stop in Sonora."

Scot Turner


Support health care

I'm a Sonora native who's been living in Costa Rica with my children for nearly six years. We'd like to return, but I don't think we could afford treatment if we became seriously ill.

Parents in the U.S. shouldn't be forced to take the 'wait and see' approach when their child is sick or choose between treatment or paying the rent. Here in Costa Rica every child is covered. The clinics aren't state of the art, but a town doesn't have to hold a benefit for a child to receive chemotherapy. Having the best doctors and hospitals doesn't matter if you can't afford to receive treatment there.

Europe has socialized medicine with the option to buy private insurance. They might need to wait over a year for a hip replacement. But I've got news for you, the thousand of U.S. citizens who can't afford that surgery would be happy to wait.

Those who have great health care float along in their life boats ignoring the people drowning all around them. Their boat's not big enough to share.

They wouldn't get a cushy seat if they had to pull the rest to safety. Meanwhile the people in the water would sit on the floor if it kept them alive.

My 15-year-old asked me: "Why are people in the U.S. so selfish? They don't care that people are sick and dying as long as they have health care."

There are many wonderful things about the U.S. I'd like my children to experience, but is it worth gambling our lives on? Please support health care reform so we can return home without endangering our health.

Michele Tenannt


Diversity needed

To the editor:

After the closures of Mervyns and Gottshalks and being held hostage by Walmart or once again having to shop in the valley, I'm appalled by the local city authorities even thinking about allowing Walmart to expand and carry more groceries and more items that are helping the Chinese.

We need more diversity in our shopping experience, not just a bigger big box store.

Sharon Young