Union Democrat staff

Real heroes

To the editor:

Of all the people to pick on, why are you picking on volunteer firefighters ("Strawberry Fire ripe for skeptics," Union Democrat, Jan. 29)? They are real heroes because they want to make the world a better place and they ask for nothing in return.

Madeline Birtwhistle, third grade

Curtis Creek School


No more noise

To the editor:

We desperately need a noise ordinance in Calaveras County. The argument against it seems to be that it would harm the tourist trade. However, the tourists don't pay my property taxes. I do.

I live in Copperopolis, where the neighbor across the street put in a dirt bike track a few years ago. It is like living in the middle of a tornado. The noise level prevents us from hearing the TV, talking on the phone or even having a conversation inside our house. The people in Poker Flat live with this same insanity during the summer because of the noise from partiers on the lake.

Where are the rights of the people who are paying the bills in this county? We have gone before our supervisors several times to no avail. The only one who seems to care is Russ Thomas.

We need some action. We need a noise ordinance that is enforced.

Evelyn McCleskey


Bound, gagged

To the editor:

A corporate America backed by its handmaidens, the "knuckle-dragger" four Supremes (plus one delusional Justice Anthony Kennedy), says as the Mafiosi before executing their enemies: "Nothing personal, this is just business."

The extreme right wing-nuts of our country, along with the tens of thousands of Washington corporate lobbyists are popping the corks with the result of the latest Supreme Court decision on corporate fundraising - along with expectant political candidates that they can now, with glee, purchase outright.

The four Neanderthals, put on the Court based on their foam-at-the-mouth anti-political activism and related decisions, gave a huge slap in the face to all Americans.

This latest decision trashes any semblance of balance between the repressive overwhelming financial power of corporate America, predatory capitalism, and the common people.

Who in their right mind could imagine, along with mean-spirited politics of the last 30 years, that now whatever corporations wish they will get? And, make no mistake, it won't be in our interests.

This country desperately needs electoral reform, but reform that includes barring corporations from acting as "individuals" which is farcical at best. We are being brutally bound and gagged, cast into a corner, by justices that advocate more anti-democratic corporate rule over our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We are corporate political prisoners dumped into a gulag.

Bert Canepa


Enforce Constitution

To the editor:

Heidi Fuller has filed a petition asking the Secretary of the State to enforce a section of the California Constitution requiring candidates to live in the legislative district they hope to represent.

We the people must uphold our rules and laws for a civil society to prosper. I have heard some grumbling about how this makes Heidi look bad, but how could an American not see this as a good thing?

I wonder what these same people would think if the Attorney General decided that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional and announced he would not enforce it. Would they think badly of Proposition 8 supporters going to court to have it enforced?

This is the same thing; Heidi is just asking to have the laws enforced. I believe Heidi is doing the right thing, and the right thing is a good thing every time. I, for one, applaud her guts and patriotic beliefs. Her opponent, Tom Berryhill, should have known better and the sad part is, I know he did. He just chose to ignore our laws and rules to suit himself and force someone into stopping him. To most, this makes him look bad - not Heidi.

Heidi Fuller has nothing personal against Berryhill, Dave Cogdill or John McCain, she just wants these RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) exposed for what they are and beaten at the polls in 2010.

Heidi Fuller is a Constitutional Conservative that we the people need more of in this country. I believe we are about to elect many conservatives through out America, and for that I am very thankful. Good luck, Heidi.

Kevin Wall