Union Democrat staff

Clear perimeter

To the editor:

Every time I read a news item on a tree falling on a house, as happened recently in Mi-Wuk Village, I am reminded that there are other reasons than fire prevention for having a 100-foot clear perimeter around one's home.

I understand that "living in the pines" has its attractions, but a lack of sunlight, fire and trees falling on your home seem to be ample reasons for doing a bit of thinning.

Disclaimer: I do not operate a tree removal service, or have a relative who works at one.

Malcolm Carden

Long Barn

Greed begets greed

To the editor:

I believe that single-payer plan for health care reform is the only one that will work to bring down the outrageous cost and abuses of our health care system.

Rewarding the insurance and drug companies will do nothing to bring down costs because we all know only too well that greed begets greed. We have seen this in the behavior on Wall Street after the bailout, as they continue their reckless spending habits with our money.

Myrna Doering


Single payer

To the editor:

The charade that the pharma and health insurance companies have pushed and cajoled through Congress does not represent reform, nor will it help the people who need help the most.

Please just get it done correctly. Single-payer health care is no more socialism than well-paved streets, public schools or fire departments.

J. William Novak


Banding together

To the editor:

After recent extreme weather with multiple power and water outages, fallen trees and public resources stretched to the maximum, I noted one thing: The people in these small communities all banded together, neighbor helping neighbor, locals helping locals. That is what the spirit of Americans do. No partisan or other differences matter at all.

All of my dealings with PG&E were met with patience and professionalism. Also I wanted to say thank you to the people who are sometimes forgotten or overlooked. They may not hear thanks as much as they should for the job they do. That is the snow-plow operators, all of them, both public and private. A special thanks to Tom Beery and Fred Guthmiller, who answered my calls with prompt service and a friendly smile, as they always did for my parents before me.

Tracey Herring-Huff

Sierra Village

Be polite

To the editor:

I live with my young-for-her-age mother in the Don Pedro subdivision. There are only a couple of places to buy groceries out here.

We have a gas station-convenience store on Highway 132 that now has six to 10 unemployed men gathering each day at the picnic table. These men make comments about my mom's weight when she goes there to shop. Lately they have been blocking the entrance to the store and making her walk around them, especially a tall, XXL man with a beard. Recently, she came home crying without any groceries.

If you know these men, please ask them to be polite.

Bella Kasperia