Union Democrat staff

Congress fiddles

To the editor:

To Congress: you still don't get it! We want actual change and reform, not some unreadable hodge podge that you pass so you can perform a "Mission Accomplished" strut.

This is not a Democrat-Republican issue. It is about having health care similar to what you enjoy. Do you even understand that Congressional "business as usual" is viewed as anti-progress these days?

Will our elegy be that we watched our country burn, while Congress fiddled on Capitol Hill?

Gary Phillips

La Grange

Not alone

To the editor:

Re: Kate Earnhart's Jan. 18 letter.

Believe me, you are definitely not alone! We just live near Standard Junction and our signal (since the "fantastic" digital switch) is just as bad. And we commiserate with you about that very annoying, irritating noise. I've actually thought about composing a little ditty to that "beautiful music." I think I'll call it the "Low Down, No Signal, Fading In and Out Digital T. N. Blues."

Granted, when the reception is OK (which is seldom) the picture is excellent, but don't you dare get used to it. I've given up on planning to watch an entire program. It'll never happen.

According to my scan, I get 43 channels! Yeah, right! I'm lucky if I get 8 of them!

And, about KCRA: It used to be our favorite channel because of its coverage of local news, weather and events. But since their so-called "antenna upgrade," we no longer get Channel 3.

Let's hear from more of us.

Sandra A. Prosco


Great work

To the editor:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all road and PG&E crews, law enforcement, firefighters, mail carriers, trash collectors and service personnel. You're there when we need you, doing what it takes to get the job done. You are always appreciated, but even more so in the inclement weather.

Keep up the great work.

Denise Rogers


Thinking of others

To the editor:

I am responding to Tammy Johnson's Jan. 21 letter, "Face Facts."

I am going to be as nice as I possibly can and respond to this by saying that for years the United States has been mismanaging its finances. We have been content to spend our way into debt to maintain our comfort zones. What is happening to us now is a result of that and other issues that I do not want to get into. There is a big difference between what we have done to ourselves and what has happened to the Haitians. They have had one natural disaster after another and, on top of that, they live in poverty. How can we even begin to compare our situation with theirs? it does not compute.

I have been helping to raise awareness for the needs over in Haiti, and it is refreshing to see American people actually thinking about others and donate either their time or their money to Haitian relief. To see their selflessness is really refreshing.

I would bet that, if our roles were reversed, we might see the same kind of compassion come from them. So I think it's time for us to get out of our comfort zones and start to help save lives. If you can't give money, then give your time.

Those that don't agree with this, go ahead and sit at home feeling sorry for yourselves. That will accomplish a lot, won't it?

Timothy Morton

Mi-Wuk Village