Union Democrat staff

Don't get it

To the editor:

A corporation is an assembly of individuals with different values, ideas,skills, beliefs and religions, etc. If all of these individuals chose to leave (which they can't because they require a paycheck), the corporation would be an empty building.

How can a company that is multi-national be given privilege by the U.S. Supreme Court? I'm asking because I don't get it.

Evelyn Brewer


Middle class at risk

To the editor:

I watch the political system in this country spiral into ineffectualness. It saddens me that our great country has become a system of liars and cheaters who value only a dollar. This sickness has taken a toll on the once-thriving middle class in this country and rendered us obsolete. The middle class made this country great and has paid the tab at every turn. We make the rich rich, we have taken care of our poor. Our reward is health insurance that bankrupts us or leaves us for dead.

Do we need a medical meltdown like the Wall Street meltdown? What does it take to make middle class America understand that we have been ruined by Capitalism run-amok?

I shake my head in amazement to see Democratic congressmen more concerned about reelection and influenced by the lies of the Republican Party than working hard for real reform. Are they really this unconcerned?

I am even more amazed by seeing real middle class Americans out there doing the work for the Party of "No" in spite of their own ruination. Are they really this stupid?

No one wants big government, but even less do we want the ruination of middle-class America. Who will pay the taxes when we're all poor? We know we won't get revenue from the rich (never have, never will) and the poor have nothing to give.

I listen to arguments that we can't pass meaningful health care reform because the deficit is too large. Why weren't we concerned when running it up through a war that was wrong and deceitfully sold to us?

Middle class America, where is your sense of survival?

Billie McArthur


Unreasonable requirements

To the editor:

The proposed Stanislaus Forest Motorized Travel Management plan is going to cause antagonism between campers and Forest Service personnel. Supervisor Susan Skalski states she "drew heavily upon the local knowledge and experience of users." If so, it is not reflected in her decision.

Camping in primitive conditions requires a great deal of equipment. Often, experienced campers need to park more than a car length off the road. I have been tent camping along road 5N01 for more than 50 years. Forest personnel direct campers to the area, and now decry that it is overused.

Camping in the primitive forest is not like camping in Pinecrest, where roads are paved, campsites are crammed close to each other, bathrooms are nearby, water is available from a spigot, firewood is purchased and stores are close.

Forest Service representative Sue Warren states, "The campsite itself is not closed. It's motorized access to that campsite that is."

Do Skalski and Warren expect the owners of cabins along 5N01 to park a car length off the road and carry their supplies hundreds of feet to their cabins? Do they realize how unreasonable their requirements are?

Warren stated, "This will be a big change for people. We pretty much think we'll be in educational not enforcement mode for two years." Does that mean some overzealous Forest personnel will dispense citations, while sensible personnel will not?

Instead of criminalizing campers, focus on fulfilling the U.S. Forest Service motto: "Caring for the land and serving people."

Ken Richardson

San Jose

Love, sacrifice

To the editor:

A bronze statue of Miep Gies (the late Dutch heroine who at personal risk sheltered Anne Frank and other Jews) should be placed in Jerusalem to celebrate her story of human love with sacrifice.

Jerusalem has been the location where the three great religions have fought to deny life to one another. Religion should not be a reason to love or hate one another. Hopefully, Miep Gies, who died Jan. 11, is reunited with Anne Frank, her friends and family.

Defining humans by their religion has to end. For example, one should be very careful when describing a terrorist as a Muslim terrorist. It is an affront to the founder of that religion and his believers.

The Bible has been often used to justify hatred of gays and invade other countries. Religious identities have been stolen by criminals.

Should the school text books call the crusaders from the Middle Ages "Christian terrorists"?

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp