Union Democrat staff

Positive report

To the editor:

I'm writing to commend a car full of young people.

Three of the young men walked me to my apartment complex. I had fallen on Greenley Road, and when I came to after a few seconds, I heard cars driving by, but none stopped.

I sat up against the pole, and a blue car with young people stopped and asked me if I needed help. I'm so thankful to those young men who wanted to protect me as I walked home.

In an age where we hear negative things about young people, here is a positive report.

May God bless their efforts.

Linda S. Anderson


Organized, informative

To the editor,

To all of those who like to criticize TuCARE, I would like to put your mind at ease. As a parent, I have participated in TuCARE field trips with my child, and have found them to be incredibly well organized and informative. At a time when schools are slashing budgets, field trips are among the first things to be eliminated.

TuCARE and The Sonora Area Foundation should be commended in their efforts to get our children out of the classroom. By doing so they can see for themselves how ecology and the economy go hand and hand. As a result, future generations can judge for themselves today's issues in agriculture, and develop new solutions and compromises for our ever changing world.

As a former student of Melinda Fleming, I assure you that she takes her job as an educator very seriously and pushes no agenda. If anything, she pushes her students to use the scientific method to reach their own conclusions on controversial issues.

Perhaps, this is Mrs. Farkas' true fear: That a well informed youth will begin to see the holes in the global warming argument.

Velina Crook


About the money

To the editor:

Re: "Economic Suicide" (Jan. 13 letter, Barbara Dresslar).

You don't get it, do you, Barbara? This action by the CHP is all about the money; it is always all about the money.

Sam Elkins


Kennedy's Senate seat

To the editor:

With the astounding election of Republican Scott Brown to fill the seat vacated by Senator Ted Kennedy's passing, it is worthy to note Mr. Kennedy was a champion of everyone's health - except for the health of Mary Jo Kopechne, whom the esteemed Senator killed when he drove his car off a bridge in 1969 after a night of drinking. He left her to drown so he could fabricate an alibi and protect his political future.

Maybe Mary Jo's soul may rest now that "Kennedy's Senate seat" has been returned to the people of Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states. This may turn out to be the defeat of the partisan "health reform" bill.

Irony, karma or poetic justice? You make the call.

Mike Schmitz

Mountain Ranch

Awesome work

To the editor:

Great job Caltrans, county plowing crews, and the private plow jockeys.

I just made my second Saturday trip up Highway 108 to Strawberry, and the work that these guys do is awesome.

PG&E is right in there as well - lights were on from Mi-Wuk down. Maybe by Sunday, when all of my brave guests are headed home, we will have power in Strawberry. They sure have enough men on the job, and trucks too.

Martha Weathers