Union Democrat staff

Awesome performance

To the editor:

An awesome dance performance - that's what we just saw at Summerville High. When my granddaughter texted an invitation to see her dance class perform, I wasn't sure what to expect. Maybe 20 or 30 girls doing routines; maybe, since it was a semester dance class, some choreographed routines.

What we saw was an authentic Michael Jackson Thriller routine with 100 students. That was the opener. Then four short student choreographed routines. It was a superb filler while the 100 dancers changed. Then a long, delightful routine of mixed dance styles - salsa, swing, hiphop, Elvis and more. The gym was packed with parents, grandparents, students and staff.

Congratulations to the dancers for their work ethic and great performance; to their teacher for her hard work in teaching and putting together the program; to the student audience who were so respectful and supportive of their classmates; and to the staff of Summerville High for their support and encouragement of the arts. There's a genuine love of dancing going on at Summerville High.

Linda Rogers



To the editor:

Obama promised transparency, but: 1) Pelosi's health-care backroom keeps elected Republicans and CNN (includes all Americans) out. 2) He crash flies to Massachusetts to support Coakley (who can't spell Massachusetts), so as to preserve ramming his health care down out throats. 3) He spends our money like a drunken sailor. 4) He treats the Ft. Hood terrorist event as an unimportant event. 5) It takes him three days to respond to the Christmas day terrorist airliner event, and gives it little importance. 6) Finally, I agree with Obama: It's time for a change - real change.

Frank Diggle


Welcome Home

To the editor:

The governor signed the Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day bill on Sept. 29, 2009. California is the first state to honor Vietnam veterans on March 30.

Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 391 is having a parade of Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans in Sonora on March 28. at 1 p.m. Jon Cavaiani, Medal of Honor recipient and former POW from Vietnam will be grand marshal.

Other plans include having at least one active-duty color guard, as well as the VVA's Color Guard lead the parade. "Welcome Home" T-shirts will be sold to help pay for the parade, which will cost about $5,000.

The VVA is offers two levels of parade sponsorships: The first is $100, with sponsors'' names featured in the chapter's monthly newsletter. For $200, sponsors' names will appear on a "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans" banner. A Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans poster will be distributed throughout California and across the nation to VVA chapters. It will be on the front cover of the Zephyr, the VVA California State Council newspaper.

The Tuolumne County VVA chapter plans on inviting Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans from Stockton, Modesto, Oakdale, Ione and other cities within an hour of Sonora.

Both the Sonora City Council and Tuolumne County supervisors have signed proclamations for the Welcome Home Day, and others are invited to do the same. Sonora is the second city in California to do so, and the county is the first.

Those wishing to support the veterans can go to www.VietnamVeterans391.com and print out a sponsor form.

George Eldridge