Union Democrat staff

Loving community

To the editor:

I am deeply grateful for the wealth of assistance, kindness and generosity extended toward me after a swaying trailer hit me on Highway 49 in Sonora in November. I was catapulted off my bicycle, flew to the side of the road, and blacked out.

I received excellent and immediate police, ambulance, ER and radiology attention locally. While recovering in the caring presence of my doctors and friends, a flood of phone calls, cards, emails, flowers, food, financial support and additional assistance from neighbors, community members, and the city staff came my way.

What a loving community you are. Thank you all very very much.

Christian Damek


Answers wanted

To the editor:

So, when did the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors start outsourcing the writing of policy (Policy: TuCare Edited Document, Jan. 8, 2010)? This smacks strongly of Congress's practice of allowing lobbyists to write legislation. Will this be a precedent for other groups? Whose turn is next? Will county staff members be laid off if services are no longer needed?

How did the 2007 resolution to coordinate with federal agencies on land-use issue result in a special-interest group writing policy? How did a report from a grant to TuCare from the Sonora Area Foundation end up as proposed county policy?

How do Mike Albrecht and Teri Murrison not know who wrote the report, even if it was a paste-and-copy job? I know Mr. Albrecht and Melinda Fleming to be good and competent people, but this feels duplicitous. Who was paid the grant money to compile the report?

Why does Supervisor Murrison continue to bring in American Stewards of Liberty? Has she no other resources? Whom does she see as her constituency, residents of the third district or Stewards of Liberty?

Sonora Area Foundation has a stellar record of doing good works in our community. Is it now becoming political? Will this jeopardize its tax free status? Who provided the money to the Foundation for this TuCare grant? Was the grant offer advertised? Were there other applicants, or was SAF simply a conduit from the donor to TuCare?

Hopefully the Board of Supervisors will re-think their process and remove special interest groups from writing policy.

Ellen Beck


Strap 'em on

To the editor:

Wouldn't it have been nice if those children pictured on the front page of the Jan. 12 Union Democrat were wearing bicycle helmets?

Francesca Simons


Secret deals

To the editor:

Yet again big pharma and big business are being bailed out at our expense by this government by the people and for the people.

Our government is clearly not acting in our best interests with the passage of the current health insurance bill. For a real change, Congress needs to listen to its constituents instead of the big money lobbyists. Secret deals behind closed doors does nothing to represent a free and open government.

Let's hear it for reform in the way our government does business, as well as putting some restraints on big business which - let's face it - is actually running the country right now.

Myrna Doering


Fading signal

To the editor:

Is anyone else in our area having trouble receiving their favorite TV programs via antenna since the big digital switch? We are up here in Peaceful Pines, a heavily forested area between Sierra Village and Long Barn without access to cable or satellite. Our signal fades in and out in a very annoying way.

I called the Federal Communications Commission (1-888-225-5322). They said it was the first time that they had heard there was a problem.

I called KCRA in Sacramento (Channel 3, NBC). They said that sending lots of letters to the FCC and to the channels that are not coming in or are fading all the time is the only way to possibly change things.

Is our neighborhood the only deprived one?

Kate Earnhart

Mi-Wuk Village