Union Democrat staff

Disappearing flowers

To the editor:

After reading in the paper about Mountain Shadow Cemetery not wanting flowers on the graves, I understand where my silk flowers and containers had disappeared to. Earlier, I thought someone was stealing them.

If you put fresh flowers on the graves, the deer eat them.

I think it's sad that we cannot put the silk flowers on our loved one's graves to honor them.

I don't know of any cemeteries that you pass that you don't see flowers on the graves.

Lilian Graham


Foundation agenda

To the editor:

I am so pleased to have this opportunity to make public an observation of serious concern about the Sonora Area Foundation and its new political agenda.

When TuCARE received more than $30,000 for a forest education grant, I was surprised but not concerned. Then I spent a full morning at TuCARE's Natural Resources Summit, sponsored in part by Sonora Area Foundation, and listened to the verbal attacks on scientists, universities and environmentalists - who seem to be a large threat to a political agenda which supports profiteering from our natural resources, both timber and mining.

My biggest concern was the lack of current and accurate statistics and the attempt to deceive the public with a film wherein speakers dressed in quasi-Forest Service-type uniforms tried to convince the audience that cutting trees down is good for us. I realized that this education program does not provide reliable information dedicated to protecting natural resources or wildlife, and is not one I would allow my child to participate in.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan piloted by Supervisor Teri Murrison and funded by the Sonora Area Foundation defines the foundation as a dedicated political entity rather than a philanthropic and cultural resource for the community. This new land use document is strictly a political ploy to enhance vested interests' ability to profit from use of the public's resources, not to protect or conserve them for future generations.

In the future, I will not be so willing to contribute to Sonora Area Foundation campaigns and instead, I will encourage SAF to discontinue use of funds in support of extremist positions and political agendas for vested interest groups.

Barbara Farkas


Drums Not Drugs

To the editor:

There are not many of us who have not been touched one way or another by drug abuse. My family has been.

Tuolumne County can be proud that there are organizations and groups here that are constantly fighting to save our children from the ravages of drug abuse - abuse either by the young person or by someone in the young person's home.

One of the major programs of the Sonora Emblem Club, No. 124, is drug awareness. In an effort to bring help to our young people, a successful fundraising dinner was held by the Emblem Club.

The recipient of the funds raised was a new drug awareness program, Drums Not Drugs. More than $1,000 was raised to buy drums for 34 young people participating in this program, led by Cindy Brewer.

The Sonora Emblem Club would like to thank all that made this possible: The Sonora Community Drum Circle, our caterer, the Elks Lodge and all Emblem members.

If we keep up this fight against drug use and abuse, we will win.

Laurel Utecht