Union Democrat staff

Parking trap

To the editor:

Parking enforcement an economic barometer?

I think so. At 3:08 p.m., two minutes before school let out, Sonora's parking enforcement officer went on a frantic picture-taking crusade of dozens of parents' license plates waiting to pick up their kids from the high school across from the pool.

If the ambiguous "no parking" signs (top sign says 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and bottom sign says "when school is in session." Which is it?) were at a 90-degree angle to the traffic, it would be nice. Also, paint the curb red.

After getting images of all in the line, parking enforcement went back to the end of the line and snapped images of all new parkers over and over. Just like a factory. Since this type of activity was unheard of, at least to me, it must be a new policy from above.

In a friendly city, the officer would have asked each driver to "move on," which leads me to believe we weren't impeding traffic. It just looked like a money-making scam. (Thirty-six people times $40 equals $1,440 for 10 minutes' work.)

As most high school parents know, pick-up parking is almost non-existent. We have to file through the science parking lot, the pool lot and anywhere we can find. With striping and parking space marking, there should be enough room for everything on School Street. If not, open the west gate to student parking and work it from up there. The city shouldn't use the situation to generate money.

Paul McNaul

Cedar Ridge

Do you have a clue?

To the editor:

Are you out there folks? Do you have a clue as to what is going on?

The Board of Supervisors just voted to begin the largest expenditure in Tuolumne County history. More than a quarter billion dollars. And to hear the County Administrator talk on the radio, he is trying his best to make sure you never get a chance to vote on it. How about that?

The board and administrator are further bankrupting us. Better yet, they "borrowed" our money from a traffic mitigation trust fund to buy the overpriced property. Nowhere in the laws governing that trust fund can I find anything that remotely authorizes them to borrow money for a project not defined when they taxed us.

The best part is they all keep saying "it is not our money." All these hundreds of millions of dollars are going to come from who the board and administrator portray as an inept group of liberal spendthrifts in Sacramento.

Yeah, the board gets all fired up about the Legislature spending money it doesn't have. Then it stands in line, groveling to recoup the money they spent that we did not have. Does this sound like the pot calling the kettle black?

We listen to our leaders continually brag about their conservative credentials. On the radio, we hear their "mentors" complain about the "liberals spending money they do not have."

This crowd is spending money it doesn't have, they are spending money that the state doesn't have, and they await money the feds don't have.

"Conservative"? Must be some euphemism for "scam artist."

Domenic Torchia