Union Democrat staff

Hundreds helped

To the editor:

Re: The delinquent tax article (Union Democrat, Dec. 29).

We all have financial troubles; it's the times. Before financial aid, subsidized housing, grants, renters' deposit programs, renters' credit, rent payment programs or just free rent because you're a poor family, struggling single parent or starting out, there was and has been a long standing county program that has helped hundreds of locals. This program is selflessly funded and privately run by Mr. Stewart Hatler.

After 13 months of chemotherapy and a two-and-a-half-year illness I lost everything - almost. My family was together and secure in one of Mr. Hatler's properties.

I'm the second of four generations in Tuolumne County and, on their behalf, I thank you.

Steven P. Mosely


Leaders questioned

To the editor:

Unpatriotic, unconstitutional immoral and criminal. That sums up some of our political "leaders" in Washington.

Dick Cheney who stayed in his bunker after 9/11 and called for unity in addressing the attack on our nation, now seeks to divide us after the latest incident. Shouldn't he be supporting our efforts to unite against the terrorist threats?

Like it or not, Barack Obama is the leader of our nation and he deserves the allegiance of his fellow citizens in a time of war. We don't have to agree with all his policies, but on issues of national security there can be no divide. Otherwise we are giving support and comfort to our enemies, and that is sedition.

Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, blackmails the nation. If he supported health care, he should have voted for it. But to demand millions for his vote?

Michelle Bachman, R-Minnesota, urges defiance of the census. But the census is a basic requirement of the Constitution.

Jim DeMint, R- South Carolina, holds up the bipartisan approval of a new TSA head because the nominee might allow union membership. How many of America's heroes, the firefighters of 9/11, were "socialist" union members? How soon we forget.

Multiple members of both houses scream their support for "family values." Yet how often do we read of their affairs, their money grabs, their family members sharing in sweetheart jobs?

Finally there are the pro-lifers who continue to support the death penalty. How can they have it both ways? Taking a life is immoral, period.

Raymond Malispina


Don't fear

To the editor:

What a horrific, bone-chilling scenario: Doctors, nurses, hospitals close their doors because they don't want to be controlled by the government. So they all might quit, fears David Holcomb in his letter ("No entitlement," Jan. 4).

Don't fear; they won't. First, they truly want to help. Second, it's their livelihood. Third, the scope of care they can provide is not regulated so much by government as by private business - the insurance industry.

Mr. Holcomb probably means that medical care should not be a gift from government. Nobody is asking for a gift. Roadways, police protection, a functioning banking system - they are not gifts from government yet they are necessary. For our nation and communities to prosper, we all must be well-educated, "work well with others," and be healthy. Sick people cannot contribute to our prosperity.

Rush Limbaugh calls our existing system "just fine." He received "no special treatment" for his chest pain. With a sufficient supply of the "green" vitamin in his pocket, I'm sure no sweet voice in the doctor's office asked him, "How are you going to pay for this procedure, Mr. Limbaugh?" Others may need insurance.

Insurance works because it pools risks, such as fire, sickness or accidents, and spreads the cost of any unfortunate event to all insured. The company makes a profit by administering the whole thing. It does not matter whether the insurer is a private company or a government entity like Medicare, which, by the way, operates very efficiently with only three percent overhead versus 22 percent for the private companies.

"Public option" insurance is not evil. Evil are those who fear competition.

Klaus Kraemer