Union Democrat staff

It's here

To the editor:

Oh my God! It's here - twenty-ten. What a great name for a year. Two thousand nine just sounded awkward and clumsy, but twenty-ten sounds sleek, almost sexy.

Now what will 2010 bring? World peace? I doubt it. More overwhelming things, i.e. health insurance, increased taxes, war that the American people will have to deal with? Most likely. More criticism on President Obama? Definitely. More "dumbness" from Ms. Palin? Yup, you can give that one a shout out.

I guess, to take it to a personal level, 2010 has got to be the best year there is, because it is the only year there is. Today is now - the first day of 2010 and tomorrow will be the second day of 2010. And on and on.

Live like there's no tomorrow, but plan like there are years to go. Is that the saying? Well, if not, it works for me.

William E. Freeze


Wonderful example

To the editor:

I'd like to thank the person who found my ATM card last Thursday and turned it in to the bank. I had no idea it was lost until the bank called me to let me know that someone had returned it. It was a wonderful way to end the year, knowing that someone honest, respectful and just plain nice had set a wonderful example to my children of the right thing to do.

Thank you, whoever you are.

Emily Graham