Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

It only took 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus, but it cost the Democrats a lot more to go behind closed doors and buy votes from Senator's to pass this bill.

Right there should raise red flags. I worked in insurance for many years. This is not a "scare" tactic by the "right wing." People will be taxed and the elderly will lose all kinds of benefits. "Gatekeepers" will make the decision who will get care and who will not.

Obama promised he would not decrease Medicare, but two weeks later he said he was taking $500 billion from the Medicare plan.

People will lose the insurance they have now and are pleased with. Our governor took many needed services away from MediCal this year, not to mention three decreases from people's SSI checks.

Now several states got millions of dollars for Medicaid by giving Obamacare their votes. Better wake up people. If this goes through, we will all pay dearly.

This is a Democratic disaster, and has nothing to do with the "far right." You are not being told the truth by the people pushing this.

Patricia DuFur



To the editor:

Heidi Fuller will make an excellent state senator for the 14th District, there's no doubt about that. She has the proper training and education needed to stop our liberal Legislature in its tracks, a good conservative common-sense approach to point out bad legislation and articulate why it's bad and have the ability to stop it cold!

This kind of leadership is what California has lacked for far to long with her opponent at the helm. Guys like Tom Berryhill are from the good ole boy's club and are lined up through the Republican elite establisment, big business lobbies and special interest groups.

This type of Republican In Name Only has to be defeated for our state to heal and prosper.

Berryhill say's he likes to reach across the aisle and meet the libs half way, Heidi Fuller says she will stay on her own side of the aisle and stop outrageous legislation from ever seeing the light of day.

The choice is clear, Fuller needs all conservative Republicans in the 14th District to mark their calendars for the June 8 Republican primary. Let's all make a statement to the Republican elite on June 8 - that we the people aren't going to be force fed these RINOS any longer.

Vote conservative, vote Heidi Fuller. She is the real deal, a Palin-like leader with informed common sense principles.

Kevin Wall


Christmas Baskets

To the editor:

The tiny town of Groveland pulled together, as it always does, and provided 100 families - totaling 346 people - with food and gifts this Christmas.

As many are struggling financially, our neighbors from Moccasin to Buck Meadows can rest assured that at Christmas time the community, as a whole, is there to help. With the generous donations from nearly every church, social and service club, many local businesses and Diestel Turkey Farms, all applicants were supplied with a turkey, and all the trimmings for a Christmas dinner, plus much more.

All children (158 of them) were given gifts that they wished for. These were provided by gift donations from the Pine Mountain Lake Aviation Association Wrap Party, the Pine Mountain Lake Ladies Club and the Pine Mountain Lake 9 and 18 hole Ladies Golf Clubs.

The Soroptimists of Groveland shopped for and wrapped hundreds of special gifts with a generous cash donation from "Santa John."

Everyone in this small but very generous community had some part in the project - whether they came to help, donated a gift, put food in the barrels around town or donated financially. This truly is a wonderful community and, at this time of year, it is reaffirmed.

We want to thank everyone for making the project a success and are proud to call the town of Groveland home.

Patti Beaulieu and Dar Brown

Community Christmas

Basket co-chairs