Union Democrat staff

Blown fuse

To the editor:

Your leader has blown a fuse. Nancy Pelosi, has simply outperformed herself now. Earlier this year, she tucked a measly $1.75 million into an unrelated bill as an earmark for the Presidio in San Francisco. No matter that the Presidio was closed in 1989, and has gone to the National Park Service.

Now the Senate has approved a $626 billion defense appropriations bill which included $4.2 billion for 1,720 earmarks. Things are just humming along.

And what did "Earmark Nancy" include this time? Just a piddling $5 million for updating the Presidio Officers Club to turn it into a visitors information center and exhibition space. Do you suppose there's a hole in the corner of the room for the money to float down through?

I'm sure the Defense Department has been on pins and needles anxiously waiting for this big occasion.

Wake up, Democrats, and join Parker Griffith, a Democratic representative from Alabama who just switched to Republican. He said he just couldn't live the Democratic life any longer.

Frank Diggle


No entitlement

To the editor:

I'm writing this to all those people who are now looking forward to receiving "free" medical care. Just for the sake of argument, let me set up a hypothetical situation.

Just suppose that tomorrow every doctor, nurse and medical technician should decide they don't want to be controlled by the government, so they all quit. What if every hospital and clinic should decide to close? Of course this is not going to happen, but if it did where would your medical care be then?

What this imaginary scenario proves is that medical care is not, and never has been, a government entitlement. It is a service provided by professional people and institutions.

What our Congress is doing right now is unconstitutional and dictatorial! I challenge anyone on the left to prove me wrong.

David Holcomb


Giving heart

To the editor:

I love the giving heart.

While at work before Christmas I was taken off guard by a woman who came in to my office and wanted to know if I had any clients who were having a hard time paying their bills. I told her we were lucky, and that so far things were going all right.

Then I mentioned that I knew of some kitties in a homeless camp that need to be spayed or neutered. She said she would like to help and handed me a $50 bill. I graciously accepted the money and put it in an envelope. I told her I would contact my son (who lives in the camp off and on) and arrange to get the cats in to be fixed.

I asked her if she would like a thank-you note, but she wanted to be anonymous. I asked if I could at least have her first name, but she just smiled and left. Wow! Did that just happen?

As I finished my day, the door opened and there stood this woman again. She said she had one envelope left and thought of my son. Please give this to him, she said.

I started to cry and said "You don't know how much he will appreciate this."

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I love the giving heart. I want to thank this lady from the kitties and my son. You truly have a giving heart.

Nina Huff

Animal Medical Clinic


Compromise asked

To the editor:

While the bickering and fussing continues among our leftist sympathizers and right-wing die hards. I can't help but wonder how neither side has formulated any rock solid solution for getting us out of the rock and hard place in which we are stuck.

A dire situation indeed. Money has evaporated, credit is a myth, the imminent reality of an drought-stricken, sickly planet lingers and the general populus nods its head as if things were up and up.

I won't make ignorant claims of what is happening in the next state or on the other side of the world, for that matter. But what is going on here I see plain as day. Division is a cancer that will kill us all, so compromise and understanding is our chemo.

Jesse Jones