Union Democrat staff

Fund projects

To the editor:

Our federal government seems to be struggling to find ways to create jobs with the federal stimulus funds. The solution seems so obvious - fund projects.

Examples: there has been a lot of concern regarding the condition of many bridges across the U.S. - fix them. Jail space has been woefully short in many areas across the country - build more and fix the ones we have. There is a great need for government buildings at all levels of government, including our own local need for a new courthouse and law center - build them! We have many roads and highways in dire need of repair - especially at the local level - repair them!

These are just a few examples of what could be done to create thousands of jobs. The key phrase here is "create jobs"! Conversely, disbursing these stimulus funds to banks or states or schools or businesses in financial trouble, to plug funding holes, will not create jobs. Once jobs are created, these kinds of needs will be fixed in a more natural way, by increased commerce, taxes, etc.

I hope for the sake of all of us, that our federal leaders can see the sense of this suggested approach and act swiftly. Politics aside, harken back to the depression era and see what was done with the WPA, CCC, etc...

Our government knew what to do then, and so should it now!

Clifford Simpson


Sad day

To the editor:

Two weekends ago the sovereignty of our nation was tentatively set to be transferred to the U.N. without so much as a minor blurb from this nation's media.

It appears the news outlets such as The Union Democrat and many other small newspapers have outlived their usefulness. The same medium that used to inform its readers and keep them aware of what really is happening in the world of government now just spews empty rhetoric - only reporting what the executives at the corporate office will allow.

The Associated Press is the only news (after it's properly propagandized) that the masses get in this country from the mainstream media. The real news is suppressed. For example, this nation is flat broke. Busted! Our leaders are handing us over to our creditors without so much as a whimper form the media. I have never seen that story in this newspaper.

It's a sad day.

Elkin Vogt


Move on

To the editor:

I would like to know what is wrong with you people who are arguing over where a bag of dog food for an animal shelter comes from. Who cares, as long as the animals are taken care of?

If you are so worried about how it makes the other stores look, don't run specials or discounts. Just have the other stores donate a bag of food a month and be done with it. It's called common sense, and most of us have it. Just try using it.

We all saw the article in the paper about the shelter needing donations on food and stuff to take care of the animals. So start helping instead of whining about who's favored and who's not.

We have people who drag their horse to death, a guy who shoots the neighbor's Chihuahua and other horrible crimes against animals, and you guys are worried about dog food. It's petty. Move on.

Bobbie Carne


Restructure relations

To the editor:

Have the courage and compassion to acknowledge the role the U.S. and other industrial nations play in the creation of "terrorism."

Selling the non-industrial world ever greater quantities of shirts, shoes, plates, pots and pans, etc., they cut the throats of millions of poor Saudis, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghans, Indonesians, Algerians, Moroccans, Egyptians and Filipinos who survive by hand-making shoes and sandals, shirts, turbans and other items of native attire, or by hammering out pots and pans, or, by forming and firing pottery and plates.

The industrial world's aggressive economic penetration of nonindustrialized countries with TVs, CDs, DVDs and movies simultaneously devastates middle-class artists and actors, replacing their nations' traditional tastes with those of the industrial West, while providing them, like the poor, nothing in the way of alternative occupations.

With no less painful option for maintaining their social existences, or that of their nations' poor, many educated sons and daughters of Mid-Eastern and Asian feudal elites begin formulating plans for expropriating Western interests. Along with their countries' Western-oriented elites, they are establishing structures which will momentarily sustain them all - structures which, as in post-Khomeini Iran, are in some ways terribly reactionary, in others, progressive. They become, in short, today's "terrorists."

Surely the humane solution is not to continue creating and slaughtering "terrorists," but to fundamentally restructure First-Third World relations.

Ted Keller

Mokelumne Hill

Education costs

To the editor:

Tom Besmer's Dec. 2 letter titled "Abortion Semantics" resonated with me on many levels. I agree that the taxpayers should not be forced to pay for abortions. By the same token, I should not be forced to pay excessive property taxes to educate Tom's 11 children.

Melanie Westheimer