Union Democrat staff

Patience, professionalism

To the editor:

On Nov. 26 my wife and I were returning home from the Central Valley after enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with our families. When we arrived in Sonora, I came to a complete stop at Stockton and Washington streets.

While at the intersection, we witnessed an incident which caused us great distress. I felt the incident was important enough to be reported to a firehouse supervisor and provide all the details. I found the firehouse supervisor non-caring and his tone agitated our conversation. We both proceeded to behave in a manner that created a wall between us, making it impossible to communicate.

I decided to speak directly with Fire Chief Barrows, I was surprised to learn that he is a kind, receptive, considerate and understanding person. Chief Barrows expressed an interest and assured me that he would immediately address my concerns.

I would like to thank you Chief Barrows for your patience and professionalism when dealing with the public. You enlighten my spirit and I hope God will bless you and keep you and your men safe throughout your careers.

Luis Aguilar, retired police officer


Congress, wake up

To the editor:

Thirty-seventh in the world, that's the number I heard.

Taking care of the health of the people is considered basic in the rest of the developed world, but the United States has become a country strictly concerned with the interests of big corporations.

Those of you in Congress, wake up. This is one of the main reasons you were elected. Enact change that people can believe, real change, Medicare for all, or be prepared to lose your next elections. The people are very serious about this. More and more people I talk to are considering trying to find a home outside of the United States, just so our health care will be properly handled.

We, the people, are so deeply tired of having our needs ignored. What has happened to this country?

Sheila Doyle


Warm Christmas

To the editor:

Another blessed Winter Wonderland Parade in Twain Harte, Friday, Dec. 4, plus a beautifully decorated town. We thank all the helpers behind the scene - from collecting the cedar boughs, putting them together and then decorating the town with boughs, snowmen, trees and candy canes.

The parade requires many helpers from a securing a permit to road closures, getting lights in order, collecting parade entries and compiling the entries for the announcers, Christmas carolers and director, barriers, crowd control and of course Santa (couldn't do it without him), his float, elves, picture taker and treats.

All of this magically comes together - thank you helpers, parade participants and parade viewers. Together, Twain Harte country folks make a warm Christmas.

The Twain Harte Christmas Committee,

Marilyn Knudson, spokeswoman

Twain Harte

Time to retire

To the editor:

I just received a large glossy mailer from our area's congressman, George Radanovich, with the title "Our national debt has reached $11 trillion."

I'd like to remind Mr. Radanovich that half that $11 trillion was accumulated in just eight short years under the leadership of George W. Bush and his Republican majority Congress. He and his Republican colleagues voted for huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while not finding revenue for two wars. They borrowed and spent like drunken sailors.

They looked the other way when Big Business told them to, and ripped consumers off from credit cards to housing loans. They let Big Oil hold consumers hostage at the gas pump with ever-higher prices. And now they try to make us believe that health care can be fixed by just letting the free market system work.

The economy was tanking long before President Obama took office. Yet the Republicans want us to believe that it's his entire fault. They want us to believe that government spending is just plain wrong and once again the free market system will fix everything.

The truth is that President Obama inherited quite a mess from Mr. Radanovich and his Republican colleagues. If he hadn't spent money on a stimulus package and bailed out at least some of the banks, we'd really be up a creek without a paddle.

So if Mr. Radanovich really wants to stop wasteful government spending he can stop mailing large glossy mailers full of distortions and lies. It's time for him to retire.

Patrick McGinnis

Twain Harte