Union Democrat staff

Unsung heroes

To the editor:

While many of us were in our homes, out of the cold, cold weather, our loyal PG&E crews were struggling to get our power on.

After a long day and night - success at last! You are unsung heroes - thank you, thank you, thank you!


Pearl Harden


Very grateful

To the editor:

December 8, on my way home to Sonora from Angels Camp, my car died at the Highway 49 overlook to Melones. I do not carry a cell phone, and as it darkened I grew concerned about the night ahead.

Two carloads of young people (about 30) stopped to help - one group heading north and the other south. They lent me a cell phone to call for help. They hefted my Volkswagen away from the edge of the road. They jumped the battery on my car and then waited until a friend from work came by to follow me home.

I am very grateful.

Pat Jennings


Tried and convicted

To the editor:

I've been curious about something? Are we still a part of the good old USA? Whatever happened to the principle of "innocent until proven guilty?" It appears that Michael Malloy has been tried and convicted in your "news" paper.

First of all, as a friend and neighbor, I know that Michael is a passionate man. He is passionate about the law, the principle of fairness, and the protection of the children in our community - as well as protection of our tax dollars.

As a Certified Public Accountant, he is pledged to uphold the law. Because the situations he is involved in as a board member are personnel issues, he is forbidden by law to speak of them publicly. So when he tells The Democrat "no comment," you should accept that as him upholding the law, not as an admission of guilt.

His trial on these issues will not be held until February, because our court system is apparently unable to uphold its pledge of a fair and speedy trial.

Meanwhile, you are already hanging him, without both sides of the story. How about waiting for the outcome of the trial before you sentence him?

Ellie Owen


Scare tactics

To the editor:

Sue Harrell, would you please cite the specific clauses in the health care bill that support the wild statements that you wrote in your letter (Dec. 3)? I have not read the entire 1,900-plus page bill as you must have, only key points.

Is this really factual, or just another bunch of fear mongering and uneducated propaganda of the same kind I am seeing in spam e-mails and right-wing articles, and you are just passing it along without verifying it? That's what it sounds like. If you feel so confident to make these damning statements about such an important subject, please take the time to quote your sources specifically so I can take you seriously. Otherwise it just sounds a bit like vague scare tactics. How about it?

Jenni Hill


Chain up!

To the editor:

This morning it's snowing. Every year people in Phoenix Lake Country Club Estates try to drive up and down Paseo de los Portales Road, a 6-percent grade, without chains. They lose control and hit anything in their way.

This morning as we watch this happen, a person started to slide and tried to get out of the car as it was sliding. I yelled at this person to stay in the car. It's better to hit anything at 2 miles per hour then the alternative. Then there's the person standing in the middle of the road directing the sliders. If you see a sign, "Chains required," this is not your musical group coming out to sing for you. Chain up, my neighbor's, I don't need this kind of entertainment.

Ginger D'Onofrio


Edge of a cliff

To the editor:

Obama has been stealthily leading us to the edge of the cliff, but now the Blue Dog Democrats and the American people are awakening and stopping him.

Congratulations to all, and we may yet have a merry Christmas (Yes, I say merry Christmas).

Isn't it interesting that more than 50 percent of American voters would rather have George Bush back? At the same time Obama's approval rate is now the lowest of any former president at the same time in office.

For all you Dems that are hoping that I'd fall off the cliff anyway, I do have a cliff nearby and would satisfy your desire - except that I might slip in Al Gore's snow on the way to the cliff and hurt myself.

Again, congratulations you smart Americans.

Frank Diggle