Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

We live just below the "snow line." That is, most of the time.

When the storm dips lower, we need lots of help to keep

equilibrium. In the recent storm, our home was without power for 40

hours, resulting in no heat, no light, no water (on an electrical

pump), and no way to cook. All the while we were aware - through

PG&E reports - that workers were diligently working to restore

power to the problem area.

A big thank you to all our Tuolumne County service personnel who

worked long days and, in some cases into the night, on the electrical

power lines, snow plows, garbage pickups, traffic control, fire trucks

and rescue teams. As I sip a cup of hot tea, I'm also sending all of

you a big "high-five!"

ML Chandler


Deeply touched

To the editor:

I just read the article about the comfy cottage (Nov. 25). I was

deeply touched that there are still some real people left who care and


God bless them all. Your community is going in the right direction. Love all, serve all. Happy holidays to everyone!

I used to live in Murphys and have family in San Andreas.

Evy Dyson

Malmo, Sweden

Celebrate different views

To the editor:

Dorris Kindvall has received much disapproval and criticism from

the politically correct crowd for daring to express her disapproval of

a U.S. stamp (Nov. 20 letter) that celebrates Muslim holidays.

The latest response by Peggy Kingman, "Celebrate Diversity" is

typical of that criticism. Peggy's response, accusing Dorris Kindvall

of "hatred, sheer stupidity, and narrowness," displays her own absolute

intolerance for those who have an independent view, and one based on

what one should know if they watch the news, even the Obama news

networks (ABC, CBS, NBC).

Peggy advises us to "celebrate the diversity" these millions of

American Muslims bring to this nation. To do otherwise makes us narrow

minded haters. Before taking her advice, I suggest readers look to

other western nations that have opened the welcome wagon, and accepted

those poor, oppressed Muslims from various Islamic nations. Countries

like Denmark, Holland, England and France. Tell me Peggy, how is that

"diversity" working out for those nations? But you don't even have to

look that far away. How is "Islamic diversity" working out for Detroit?

Are you aware of the demands on that city being made by the Islamic


She states there are now seven million Muslims living in the U.S.,

yet it's reported only 1,800 have joined the military to fight against

Islamic terrorism. That is .000257 percent of the U.S. Islamic

population. And I've yet to see one American Islamic condemnation of

the terrorist. Unfortunately, it's been just the opposite all too often.

"Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence

of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow

it." - Winston Churchill

Tommy Wells



To the editor:

The "American Idol" administration infiltrated by reality show wannabes. Classic.

Ron Fuentes