Union Democrat staff

Women vets honored

To the editor:

Mr. Frank Smart's letter to the editor on Dec 1 is appreciated for his thanks to those who honored the Veterans for Veterans' Day. I would like to add to his list of organizations. One that was not mentioned and deserves recognition is Soroptimist International of Twain Harte for the wonderful luncheon held on Nov. 10 for women veterans, current and past service. They did a great gesture of appreciation.

Navy Veteran

Mary Kessel


Hit and run

To the editor:

I have a chihuahua that was hit by a guy in a white truck with yellow on it and he kept driving. My dog now has a broken femur and we can't afford to pay for it to get fixed. Last year when I spent the holidays in the ER along with a wheelchair, my dog was a therapeutic dog to help me.

No vet up here will take payments, so we have to come up with almost a grand to pay for some guy's stupidity. Why don't the vets take payments anymore? Why are some people so careless that they think because it's a small dog or animal they can just run it over and drive off?

Anita Louis


No to health reform

To the editor:

Honorable Senators and members of the House: I Object! I challenge you to remember your obligation to your constituents. How much more clearly can we make our will known? We do not want any of the so-called Health Reform bills currently under consideration.

You, the elected representatives in the House, expect us to believe you managed to draft an original 2,000-plus page bill in two to three months following Obama's election in November 2008? Considering the snail-pace of congressional actions, a bill of 2,000-plus pages is more than likely to take at least eight months to bring to the floor of the House or Senate.

I suggest House bill 3200 is a rehash of Democrat proposals drafted years ago that failed to pass. The contradictory, confusing statements challenge the wisest legal minds, except that clearly stated and undeniable are mandates, restrictions and liabilities applicable without recourse for the individual.

How dare you Madam Pelosi declare that you know what is best for the American people? You disenfranchised millions of good, hard-working, honest American voters by calling us "astro-turf" and unimportant, but you are impervious to the cries of "We, the people." Apparently Senator Harry Reid shares your viewpoint. Yielding to pressure from the White House and desperate to please, Sen Reid "bought" one of his own senators. This is fact, not innuendo. At what point is honor more important than the party line, no matter the cost to you and the country?

It may be trivia to you M. Pelosi, Sen. Reid and your colleagues in Congress, but to millions of us it's life, pride of country and freedom to live without fear.

Grace M. Alvarez

Twain Harte

A big hug

To the editor:

Kudos to the whole team of Columbia Elementary School! During the recent process of registering my daughter for first grade at Columbia Elementary School, I found myself repeating over and over, "I love this school!" From the Principal to the bus driver, every single encounter was a surprisingly nice experience.

Most importantly, MacKenzie, my extremely shy 6-year-old daughter, was not terrified as she has been in two previous elementary schools. Every single person during this encounter was genuinely caring and took the extra steps to make my daughter feel welcome, safe and secure. For the first time in her experience with schools, she actually wants to go to school! A big hug and thanks to the whole staff at Columbia Elementary School.

Amanda Bordagaray


Scoop the poop

To the editor:

OK, I have an issue. Why is it that dog owners think it is OK to walk your dogs downtown and let them use our sidewalk to do their dirty business?

I work downtown and I cannot count the times that I have to walk around a big pile of dog you-know-what. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks it is totally disgusting.

How about the business owners that own restaurants? I am sure it is not very pleasing for their customers to have to look at that before they eat.

I say if you have a dog and you walk him on our sidewalk in front of our business and let him do his thing, then get a pooper scooper and clean up after him. Have a little respect for the people who work and walk downtown, and the tourists.

Come on people. Clean up after your pooches and stop grossing everyone out.

Phyllis A Miller