Union Democrat staff

Golden Retriever

To the editor:

We adopted a 10-month-old golden retriever through Homeward Bound in October. We had her for one month when she bolted after some deer and did not return. After extensive searching, we now want to express our appreciation to the Tuolumne County Animal Shelter, local businesses and schools, all the veterinarian offices, plus our neighbors and friends in Brentwood Park and Twain Harte. Many strangers reached out to us and we appreciate every one of you.

If you have our dog, we hope you will give her a good home.

Cas and Barbara Munoz

Twain Harte


To the editor:

What an amazing experience Thanksgiving dinner turned out to be. After 87 diners last year, we expected more this year. But to have 20 people arrive to help serve and food come from so many sources and all delicious, it was a real blessing to all at the Sonora United Methodist Church.

We served 113 folks this year and again served leftover hot turkey sandwiches on Sunday after church. Glad we had refrigerators for the leftovers, rather than the baskets in the Bible Story of feeding the 5,000!!

To GOD be the glory, great things He has done!

Martha Weathers


No free lunch

To the editor:

This letter is response to Amy Bouck's letter to the editor ("Thanks, Washington," Nov. 23).

Amy, I strongly disagree with your support of government-run health care. You really need to do some homework on what you are praising. I feel sorry for you if you think that our government could support health care for everyone. Heck, they couldn't even come up with the money to fund Cash for Clunkers. Do you really think that doctors are going to work for nothing? Would you?

Read the bill. It's nearly 2,000 pages and is called HR3962.

There's no free lunch, no free housing, no free health care. Somebody's got to pay for it in the form of taxes. So what's the incentive for people to work and pay these taxes, if people who don't work get to piggy-back off of them? Eventually the legs will give out.

Where does the United States Constitution (fewer than 10 pages) require that government provide or require health care for all citizens? I believe that people should work for what they get. (What a concept!).

Think about this: When our forefathers came to this land with absolutely nothing, who handed them anything they didn't earn for themselves? It's time for everyone to exhibit a little "sweat equity" for our country, because it's crumbling away. This is definitely not the America my dad fought to preserve.

Cindi Gerhart


Rogue nation

To the editor:

The ruling oligarchy of this misguided republic is winning the war at home. At last they can claim legitimacy behind a Democrat president embracing the illegal, criminal war strategy in the Middle East and along with that false legitimacy, bleat (like the following sheep), and "we told you so." At the beginning of this fable, al-Qaida amounted to nothing more than a handful of individuals resentful of American policies in the region.

That small core group has not grown substantially. It remains a marginalized one that is being used as the ogre to put the fear of God into most Americans. It was successful under the last unlawful administration and is being pursued again. The extremists in this country are successfully carrying out their decades-long strategy to crush American organized labor (the basis for the middle class and the successful water carriers for the socialized amenities that we all enjoy) to a "world level playing field" so as to allow major corporations (military/industrial/media/ pharma) to compete for the scraps of global extractive commodities.

This administration is again using the "terror" of 9/11 to proceed to denude Afghanistan (Iraq is already crucified) of all political legitimacy under the rubric of being a rogue nation. Under that cloak we use unmanned drones, flown by individuals here in the States to kill one or two "belligerents" along with scores of innocents. If not for oil, we wouldn't give a tinker's damn for their abused women, impoverished or destitute. Nor would we care about that decrepit, sickly group called al-Qaida or its leader. It is ours that is the rogue nation.

Bert Canepa