Union Democrat staff


Letter to editor:

Janet Maffei's letter (Nov. 25) explains what a smart move it is to buy the property for the new courthouse, etc. The letter is classic bureau-speak. All of the various departments have their separate plans and costs to deal with, and if this consolidation does not go through, the county loses funding, etc.

Nowhere does she provide evidence that the county is not being taken for a ride in the cost of the land. The county needs at least someone with business sense to offer a rational opinion on the land cost that can be defended. Making life more convenient for county workers is not a reason to spend millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars, no matter who the taxpayers are.

William Bergmann


Slow down

To the editor:

To the person who hit both my dogs on Highway 49: On Sunday my dogs escaped from my yard. I ventured out with my daughter to find them. After a few minutes of searching, I spotted them heading northbound on Highway 49. I got into the center lane to make a left turn into a driveway. You were fast approaching in your small silver vehicle. Despite the fact that my emergency flashers were on, you accelerated. I honked my horn to warn you of my dogs. You continued at a high rate of speed, so I hit my high beams. My dogs recognized my vehicle, and began to cross the road. I jumped out of my car, frantically waving at you but you accelerated.

I was standing within a foot of your vehicle when you hit both my dogs.The sight and sounds of you hitting my dogs is still fresh in my mind. You never even slowed down. One dog ran across the street while the other was yelping in pain behind me. I watched your tail lights vanish in the darkness.

One dog has minor injuries, but the other got the worst of your brutality. We expected our dog to die. We took him to the vet, and he will make a long, painful recovery. Maybe you don't like dogs. Maybe you're one of those people who viciously runs over animals for some sick pleasure. Maybe you didn't get hugged enough as a child, but here's a tip. When you're approaching a vehicle with it's emergency flashers on, slow down!!

Shae Niapas

Angels Camp

Help the animals

To the editor:

Shame on the Tuolumne County Humane Society Board of Directors and shame on the troublemakers who have denied Dusty's Den from supplying "nutritious" (not cheap) pet food to our needy animals. For over 10 years, George and Debbie Hart have done many wonderful things for our animal community. I will always support them in the efforts to help the animals.

I have been a member of the Tuolumne County Humane Society for years. I'm sad to say I will most likely end my membership. I can no longer support what the board is doing.

Joy Fisher


Dogs denied free meals

To the editor:

Eleven years ago, many dogs adopted from Tuolumne County Humane Society were returned because families thought they were sick. We decided to donate a premium food to all of the dogs, to get them on the right track.

We did not advertise our plan. We just did it. This food is available to every pet shop in Tuolumne County.

Every adoptee who came into our shop for a free bag of food was told that if they chose to change foods, to safely do it over three to seven days. We also told them about proper feeding, housebreaking, obedience training and veterinarian care. Several years ago, the Kennel Club offered to donate $150.00 a month. Great!

We are one of the top selling stores of Breeder's Choice products and take advantage of special deals they offer to all. This fact has been grossly exaggerated by kennel manager, Randy McNurlin. Our certificates were redeemable at our shop because we were making the donation. It's as simple as that.

The kennel club has a lease with the Humane Society for equipment storage, for a minimal sum. Does the President of the Kennel Club, Bruce Bertholf, have a conflict of interest? His comments about an alleged "gravy train for Dusty's Den" are insulting and inaccurate.

It is extremely unfortunate that they have decided to deny our 490 pounds of free food each month. The focus has been on the $150 contribution from the Kennel Club. If their contribution stopped, we still would have continued with our donation. If the board had concerns, it would have been a professional courtesy to discuss this with us first. They did not.

George and Deborah Hart

Dusty's Den