Union Democrat staff

Lives at stake

To the editor:

Sullivan Creek Bridge and Highway 108 accidents. Could there be a connection to the rash of injury accidents near Via Este on Highway 108, and the closure of the Sullivan Creek bridge on Phoenix Lake?

There are quite a few of us who are trapped above the bridge. Our options to get to Sonora are limited to: 1) Creekside to Crestview to Soulsbyville, then down 108; 2) Creekside to Crestview to Soulsbyville, then over Ridgewood, to Phoenix lake (about 1 mile below the bridge); 3. Go over Big Hill.

It is significantly faster to use option one. Multiply the number of people above the bridge by two trips per day (to work and then back), and you have perhaps 2,000 more cars on 108 every day. More cars, more accidents at dangerous intersections. Can someone please light a fire under these folks to get the bridge open as soon as possible? Lives may be at stake.

Donald W. Smith


Time for action

To the editor:

Without competitive health plans we're going to continue to be squeezed.

Perfect example is the drug companies raises prices before a bill is passed. Nothing is perfect in the beginning, this issue has been on the table and been defeated over and over. It's time we take some action. Health care in other countries in just fine. I got ill in Greece and was able to see a pharmacist for medication. Sir Ian McClellan was on TV after having been sick, and said that his horrible health care had paid for every cent of his treatment.

We are so brainwashed with the egos of the party that put this country into this endless mess that we follow along like sheep without checking with ourselves to see if what we're spouting is really what we believe.

Do people realize how many services they receive are government run programs and they work just fine. Wake up.

Evelyn Brewer


Assets in jail

To the editor:

Regarding Tuolumne County's $4.2 million purchase of 49-acres for a planned law and justice center: Can anyone tell me what other piece of Tuolumne country property sold for the 2007 asking price in 2009?

Borrowing the money to pay for this internally sounds like an episode of Arnold economics 101.

Do you really believe the state has the money to pay for this? I think it's time the county heeded some economic advice I learned growing up in the backwoods of Groveland, which is if your liabilities are more than your assets, your assets in jail.

Tom Gookin


Spell it out

To the editor:

Obama spells: O-pportunities B-roken A-nd M-anagement A-bandoned.

Frank V. Diggle