Union Democrat staff

Do your homework

To the editor:

Re: Letters by Melissa Holcomb (Nov. 18) and Amy Bouck (Nov. 23).

I fear these two young ladies and many more have failed to do their homework. There are 17 new taxes in the proposed health care bill. Health care is not free. Your doctor will no longer determine the best procedures. Instead, some non-medical panel will determine your worthiness based on age, health style, etc.

Young people will see premiums that are 50 percent or higher than their parents' for the same coverage. Your parents will see a decline in health care coverage, as maybe they won't live long enough to justify coverage. Your child could have a condition that is too expensive to justify the cost of treatment.

If you have coverage, you will be taxed for those who don't. If you don't have coverage and maybe you have the money to pay for your ills, you will be taxed, fined and sent to jail for not purchasing some type of coverage.

Perhaps you should try reading some of the bill. It's really not that hard, just tim!e consuming. Mr. Radanovich was indeed thinking about his constituents and what is best for them.

Please, educate yourself. Health care is not a right. You are responsible.

Sue Harrell


Big government

To the editor:

Where was Citizens for Responsible Growth when Tuolumne County supervisors approved a new law and justice center?

Big Business and Big Government are two sides of the same coin. Both are bloated entities with layers of mismanagement that would choke a small business. Neither entity really cares about your welfare except for the aspect that you are a number, and numbers allow their growth. Both entities hate small business, because one is harmed by competition and the other is annoyed by having too many resources dedicated to such a small return.

After failing to control costs at Tuolumne General Hospital due to this bloated overhead, the local government bailed out and turned the business over to another big business that is a nonprofit and does not pay taxes. The other big business is able to control costs and satisfy the local regulations because they have the extra layer of employees to work with the extra government regulators and they pass the cost on to the consumer without calling it a tax, so everyone is happy again.

Then government puts the same regulations and controls on small business that they put on a large business. Small business does not have the capital required to keep an extra layer of management to work with government. That's why you see small businesses constantly going out of business year after year and a new one thinking that, because they are hard working individuals, they can operate a business in this county.

Call the new layers of government EDC, EDA or a law center. The solutions to jobs in this county can't be solved by growing government.

Tom Birks


Burnt offerings

To the editor:

Thank you for your front-page article on synchronized praying ("Moms in Touch prayer group celebrates 25 years," Nov. 18). My male colleagues and I have been making synchronized burnt offerings every weekend for years with similarly successful results.

My wife once suggested that we put vegetable kebabs and bread on the grill, but I gently chided her and sent her back to re-read Genesis 4:2-5, in which God emphatically tells us that He doesn't like burnt toast or vegetables (and frankly, who does?).

I know our burnt offerings have been pleasing in the eyes of our Lord, because my son and daughter are in high school now, and they are kind, polite, healthy, smart and rational.

Mark Jonas


Tin cup

To the editor:

I have noticed an increasing number of letters and articles, in The Union Democrat and other publications, extolling the benefits of socialism in the United States. The seemingly well-read and well-educated authors point to law enforcement, schools and other public services as triumphs of a socialist government.

It is the height of insanity to want total government control of every aspect of one's life. It doesn't take a college degree to see how well socialism has worked out in other countries. If you want a cradle-to-grave nanny state, you have to trade the ability to prosper personally and provide for your family through, dare I say it, old-fashioned hard work.

Socialism is for losers who want everyone to have to hold out their little tin cup and accept what someone else decides is their share.

Jeffrey Kitchell

San Andreas