Union Democrat staff

Malicious intent

To the editor:

Anyone who willfully and with malice aforethought impugns the character of another person with which they disagree is to be pitied for their ignorance and denounced for their malicious intent.

Such is the case of those who are using a derogatory term to attack loyal, patriotic, Americans who are exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly to petition their government for a redress of grievances. The term I speak of is not even listed in any reputable dictionary and is slang for an act not mentionable in the press. The term is "teabagger."

If you laughed, you are one of whom I speak that is ignorant of American history and shameful for disrespecting your fellow Americans. Any American educated in our public school system should know what the Boston Tea Party was all about. It is an event that all Americans should revere as one of the first steps that lead to the founding of our great nation. Millions of patriotic Americans proudly identify with the cry for liberty and freedom that the Boston Tea Party symbolizes.

As we see our nation abandoning the principles on which it was founded, we are standing up to stop those who are attempting to lead this country into financial and societal ruin. We are tea party patriots and we are not afraid or intimidated by anybody. We have done as our founding fathers did some 233 years ago; we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor in order to preserve the greatest nation under God the world has ever known.

John Griffin


Holiday wishes

To the editor:

Christmas is upon us, and I truly wish everyone a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Many will not have to give this season. But let us rejoice together of our savior's birth. Many unbelievers try to disprove the Bible.

But the King James original translation is closest to Hebrew and Greek Bibles. We must seek God's true word. Other bibles, take away, omit or change words that change the meaning. Giving way to the devil to deceive us. He who takes away or adds to will be condemned to hell, so seek the truth in King James.

Now some say it's not Jesus' birthday. Yet scholars believe it's close. So we set a day to honor Jesus.

Some say they don't believe in Christmas trees or gift giving. But isn't the evergreen tree "for everlasting life" a symbol of Jesus' salvation for those who believe. Decorate your tree as a birthday cake for Jesus. Put up your lights to wave "I Love You" to Jesus. He will see our hearts and bless us.

In these troubled times, put your hand in Jesus. He will guide us and keep us safe.

What's Obama up to? Going to Asia before election and right after, and how many times since?

We can't teach our Bible history in schools. Yet Obama says the Koran's OK?

Barbara Melchor


Right for America

To the editor:

There are now two issues that have captured the focus of the politicians and the people of America.

One issue is the Middle East, the other is health care. By far the most important issue is health care. Health care is important enough that an additional cabinet seat should be established to oversee the workings and function of its vital importance to America.

I've worn out a lot of pens and spent a lot of money on stamps writing letters expressing my opinion about health care. I will once again speak:

Insurance companies have no business putting their nose into the health care business. Their business is fire, auto, liability, flood, homeowners. You know what I mean? They should stay in their own backyard. It's prudent to leave health care to the health care professionals.

Specifically, I think the funding should be over the long haul. Like Social Security, it should be funded at the beginning of a person's working or business lifetime. Equal shares required by employee and employer alike.

I get a Social Security check every month after paying into the system for 45 years. Thank God. If Social Security needs fixin', fix it. We need it.

A medical care program for us Americans will work, too, if treated and funded like Social Security.

Let's do another thing right for America.

Larry Johnson


Vet's thanks

To the editor:

Kudos to the wonderful people at the Seventh-day Adventist Church for another moving and appropriate Veterans Day service.

What you do is greatly appreciated by this county's veterans.

Also thanks to Applebee's restaurant for the free meal to veterans on our day, another grand gesture.

The Emblem Club, the Elks Club and the Native Daughters of the Golden West also do wonderful events to honor us and we are indebted to these organizations for stepping up and doing the right thing.

For many years it has been the veterans community which honored our veterans and it is heartwarming to see the civilian community coming forward.

On another note, the state of California has set aside a day next year to honor Vietnam veterans.

Wednesday, March 30, 2010, has been designated "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day."

There are parades and ceremonies being planned up and down the state.

It would be great to see some organization step forward and elect to put on a parade through downtown Sonora or some such event to honor our generation.

We are planning some events, to possibly include an art show, maybe a rededication of the Vietnam Memorial at the library, etc.

Chapter 391, Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., has, for the past 20-plus years, presented the Vietnam generation in a positive light and continues to do so.

Is it time to honor them for their service both during the war and after wards?

You decide. Love to hear from you.

Frank M. Smart


Explanation asked

To the editor:

I am hoping (Tuolumne County Administrator) Craig Pedro can explain how:

• Tuolumne County can "internally" borrow $4.2 million to buy over-valued property in Sonora for a $253 million law and justice center. We are counting on the state to cough up $16 million to fund a $21 million juvenile detention center. But the state has financial problems and there is no guarantee we will receive the $16 million. Plus a gap of $5 million exists that the county is responsible for. All this is if the contractors come in at the bid amount.

• A new jail was to be a priority, however it now seems to be nearly last in line.

• "Pedro hopes the vast majority of the center's $253 million price tag will be paid for by the state." The state is experiencing dire financial problems. Only a dreamer would expect to receive all this money from the state.

• On Oct. 30, Mr. Pedro stated in The Union Democrat that, "things are broken absolutely, this never-ending budget stuff (is) taking its toll on county administrators throughout the state who are left guessing on their own budgets due to the state's inability to balance its budget."

• Drastic cuts were made on Nov. 10 to the Tuolumne County Behavioral Health Department. This department is used by law-abiding citizens of Tuolumne County who were dependent upon the services it provided.

• It will cost more money to house a single "delinquent" in the proposed law and justice center than it would cost to send that "delinquent" to a top university such as Harvard, Yale or Stanford.

Maiya Morrison


'Misinterpreted' decision

To the editor:

Julie Fernandes stated in her Nov. 18 letter to the editor that the Humane Society is "refusing a generous donation of dog food given unselfishly every month for many years, from business owners, George and Deborah Hart."

According to the Nov. 16 Union Democrat article by Walt Cook, the Harts stated that they've provided "discounted" dog food to the Humane Society. Nowhere did the article state that the Humane Society is refusing a free donation. This was not a "free donation." A $150 donation from the Kennel Club, was given to the Harts to provide food for the shelter. The Kennel Club later began sending $150 directly to the shelter, cutting out the "middleman".

Julie Fernandes feels that the Humane Society owes an apology for its "irresponsible decision" to the Harts and every other animal lover in the county.

How is it "irresponsible" for the shelter to purchase food, with money donated from the Kennel Club, at different businesses? Randy McNurlin from the Humane Society stated "it doesn't make sense to "buy" from one organization when all of them donate to us."

Although I feel that you "misinterpreted" the decision that the Humane Society made, maybe this will bring attention to the financial crisis that the organization is in. Rather than an explanation and apology from the Humane Society to animal lovers, maybe all of the animal lovers should make a donation to the Humane Society to help the animals.

Jack Edwin

Twain Harte