Union Democrat staff

Dog food debate

To the editor:

I recently became aware of a letter written to Deborah and George Hart by the Humane Society of Tuolumne County that it would no longer accept free dog and cat food from them because they did not want to show favoritism towards any one business.

So let me get this right. One business donates free dog and cat food to a county institution that is struggling financially, in a county that is struggling financially, and we reject free food for animals?

Last I saw, my animals did not care where their food comes from. If other businesses do not care to donate food, why should one business be turned down? We encourage people to open their hearts and help others, but I guess it only applies if all do it so no one looks better then anyone else.

Shame on the Humane Society of this county.

Gina Bryant


Thanks, Washington

To the editor:

How exciting: H.R. 3962 passed in the House of Representatives on Nov. 7. Representatives who voted for this bill deserve thanks for standing up for their constituents. Those who did not vote for the bill should reconsider.

I have never been more proud of our country as I am now that we are moving in the direction of taking care of our citizens here at home. We need this. America needs this. Thank you, Washington, for finally listening!

Peace, love, aloha and health care for all!

Amy Bouck


Forest burn

To the editor:

I don't think it's fair to say that the U.S. Forest Service is looking to blame someone for the 6,500-acre Knight fire.

Maybe for a few hundred acres of it is more appropriate. The day after the fire started, rumor has it, the Forest Service caught the upper edge of the fire and had a choice as to whether suppress it by continuing the line underneath it, or to instead burn along the road and the ridge above the canyon and "treat" miles of canyon habitat that they had wanted to burn for years.

Apparently it chose to use the wildfire as the excuse to burn the 6,000 acres and to use fire suppression dollars to do it. If the situation was fairly presented, maybe the responsible person would turn themselves in. When I emailed Susan Skalski at the Stanislaus National Forest about this, she never responded.

Tony Gheno

Twain Harte

Worthwhile trip

To the editor:

How can a trip with good intentions become so blown up and complicated?

The simple matter is that Teri Murrison met with many associates from other counties to discuss how they could better coordinate with federal agencies when they are interested in changing our landscapes or restricting use of federal lands or other issues that affect their counties and to seek common grounds.

When the counties working with federal agencies and discussing each other's problems, it's amazing how they can bond with each other and agree on mutual projects for the benefit of all concerned.

This is nothing new. Many counties in the U.S. have been very successful in the coordination program and have improved their relationship with various agencies and have produced wonderful results.

Stewards of American Liberty is not a radical group. It is helping counties and federal agencies to work together to benefit all Americans.

We are all human. Let's work together to improve our earthly creations.

Gil Fryer