Union Democrat staff

Eagle Scout project

To the editor:

I recently completed my Eagle Scout project in downtown Sonora. My scout troop and I took out the old meter poles and put in 65 new in-ground flag stands.

I want to thank all the business owners along Washington Street for their patience and cooperation. A very special thanks go to the following people, without whom my project would not have been possible: Troy, Chris and Craig Wells of Central Valley Electric, Glenn Roberts of the Sonora Police Department, City Community Development Director Ed Wyllie, Jim Lillie and Jeff of the Public Works Department, the Mother Lode Gun Club and their generous members, the Vietnam Veterans Association, Alderson Fencing, A&L Ready Mix, Lee Suggs, the yearbook adviser at Summerville High School, and the wonderful scouts and leaders of Troop 500, Mi-Wuk Village.

I couldn't have done it without everyone's hard work. Thank you all.

Avery Jones

Twain Harte

Wait 'til it's free

To the editor:

May I add just one more two-cents' worth on the health care plan?

Anyone who has been in the military and stood in the sick call line for a bottle of APCs or GI gin (cough syrup) should know what to expect from national health care.

As for the European system, an English friend once confided her indignation when she consulted a doctor in London because she was ill. The good doctor sympathized and asked her how many days off work she would like. But, he offered no remedy for her ailment. The English satirically call sick time-off "on the club."

On a trip to Ireland in 2007 I picked up a newspaper in the Dublin air terminal, There was an item on page 1 about the shortage of qualified health care providers and two more items inside about unqualified medical labs and budget shortfalls threatening the national health care system.

Who was it who said, "If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free." Hello! You in the Capitol. Are you awake?

Bob Mulvany


Support patriots

To the editor:

When you look back in American history, you will find that there are few times when the American patriot has the opportunity to truly defend our Constitution and America's freedom.

Today is a unique period of time where government tyranny is rampant at all levels from local to federal. While our military is attacked at home, Congress - instead of wearing black arm bands and uniting the American people - was busy enacting laws that could be construed as unconstitutional.

Government at all levels is spending money while unemployment is breaking records with no end in sight. The media has been suppressed to the point that CNN had better coverage than Fox during the massacre at Fort Hood.

The time has never been better for the American patriot to stand up and be counted. As I see people chastising those American patriots that carry their anti-abortion and in support of the military troops signs and over-taxation tea parties, they do not understand that they are all saying the same thing.

The message that they are all trying to convey is that individual freedom is the basis of our constitutional rights and that there is no place for government tyranny. Individuals, not government control, should be responsible for choices in life.

Presently, I see less than 1 percent of American patriots in the streets expressing their desire to take back the country from government tyranny. I would guess that this is probably about the same number of people that started the American Revolution that gave us those individual rights. Keep it up patriots. We support you.

Tom Birks