Union Democrat staff

Vote yes

To the editor:

The majority of Americans want health care reform. So many working citizens, and the 10.7 percent unemployed, desperately need health insurance.

In Saturday's vote in the House, our congressman, George Radanovich, R-Mariposa, voted against a chance we finally had to make health care affordable for all.

Mr. Radanovich, please think of your constituents and what is best for them. Vote "yes" in the final House call.

Melissa Holcomb


Dog food donation

To the editor:

As we all know, many of our charities that rely mainly on donations are suffering from the weak economy, as are the rest of us.

The Tuolumne County Humane Society is among them. That is why I am alarmed and, needless to say, very concerned and confused about its refusal to accept the very generous donation of dog food given by business owners George and Deborah Hart each month.

George and Deborah's donation of food has been unselfishly given every month for many years. According to the letter received by George and Deborah, they took this action to "not show favoritism towards any one business."

How in the world, is accepting a donation of free dog good showing favoritism?

In the Humane Society's newsletter from this November, Randy McNurlin states that it is losing $10,000 per month and has made several cuts and layoffs. He also says that, "our society survives on local donations." Yet, they want to spend money on dog food, when these good people have been willing to donate every month.

I am a dog owner, and a member of this community as are the Harts. The Humane Society would beg for donations from individuals, but would refuse it from someone because they own a business? I believe they owe the Harts, as well as every animal lover in the county an explanation, as well as an apology for this irresponsible decision made in tough economic times.

Julie Fernandes

Twain Harte

Think it through

To the editor:

Health care for everyone would be a wonderful thing. But at what cost?

This country is over its head in debt, and I suspect most people have not given much thought to all the jobs that will be lost if this passes. That means fewer tax dollars to pay for this health care.

I recently heard that the H1N1 flu shot is being given to the terrorists in Gitmo. Have you tried to get one here? Have you heard all the stories from other countries with government run health care? The mortality rate from breast cancer is higher in those countries, and there are many more examples.

Please let's think this through.

Linda Bernal


Give her the money

To the editor:

I don't quite understand all the issues regarding Ms. Murrison's travel expenses, other than it strikes me that quite possibly the other supervisors are a bit jealous.

As far as I know, Ms. Murrison is the first Tuolumne County supervisor to actively pursue additional education in learning how to become a better public servant. Have any of our other supervisors done this?

The old "know it all, seen it all" attitude has got to go. We live in a quickly changing world with economic challenges of every sort.

Give her the money. The rest of our supervisors might consider a weekend retreat of learning as well.

William E. Freeze