Union Democrat staff

Save the trees

To the editor:

The removal of several old-growth trees to build the new Cal Fire station for Altaville contradicts the idea of perpetuating the natural landscape of the area.

The members of the Calaveras County Garden Club oppose a drastic elimination of the trees as proposed. We recognize that change must happen, but feel that the change must be moderated to preserve as much of the natural environment as possible. It is our collective opinion that a plan suitable for large towns in the flat lands is not appropriate for our small-town atmosphere.

Our organization has been active in the community since 1940. Included in our objectives is our commitment to being involved in community beautification. If the original plan is carried out it will certainly destroy the natural beauty of the area.

Elizabeth Renati

Calaveras County Garden Club

Angels Camp

Warming hoax

To the editor:

A big thank you to TuCARE and State Senator Dave Cogdill for hosting the 2009 Natural Resources Summit in Sonora, which featured keynote speaker Myron Ebell - who provided a powerful, fact-based lecture on climate change.

This presentation should have been seen by all who care about our environment, the economy or even human rights. It was that good.

I recorded his presentation. His website is: www.globalwarming.org/

Myron Ebell is director of energy and global warming policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as "the best environmental think tank in the country."

The speaker exposed many falsehoods used to promote AB 32 and Cap and Trade. The items that impressed me most were:

• The gradual global warming trend ended about 13 years ago and we may be starting a long term cooling period.

• Increased atmospheric CO2 does not cause global warming - it historically follows it. CO2 is a nutrient - not a pollutant.

• The alarmists' record for forecasting global temperatures by computer models shows constant extreme exaggeration of increasing temperatures over what actually occurred.

• Bogus hockey stick chart: Present trends would be charted as normal if the much higher global temperatures of the 15th century had been included.

In my opinion, the global warming scare is a hoax and deliberately created for ideological reasons. It is classical use of fear and crisis to achieve sociological change. Specifically, to replace prosperous human liberty with government control and poverty.

Perhaps it is time to help blow the whistle on these hurtful programs.

Albert J. Segalla



To the Editor:

I read the Nov. 9 News of Record. What I would like to know is, who is the homophobe wasting taxpayer dollars and Sheriff's Department hours, calling about a guy swatting another guy's butt? Are you kidding me?

You should be cited for being an idiot. What do you expect the police to do about it? You must not watch any sports whatsoever - not to mention nighttime drama shows, or, God forbid, daytime soap operas.

I could understand if the guy was urinating on a wall, or flashing, but seriously. If you are that offended by what happens on a public street, stay home.

Dispatchers are very busy dealing with serious issues, and don't have time to talk to lonely people with nothing better to do than stick their noses where they don't belong. If you don't like it, don't look. If your moral judgment call was that this act was overtly sexual, maybe you should get your mind out of the gutter.

As for The Union Democrat, shame on you for even printing that call. Do you think Jay Leno would be impressed?

Lori Welsh


No mud

To the editor:

You gotta help me on this one: You gotchur cool fall eve of Friday the 13th. You gotchur Golden Regiment, kids, cheerleaders, electricity in the air and anticipation of a clash of the titans. And no mud!?

Man, that just ain't right.

Mike Johnson

Twain Harte